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Shorter Than Me by Shemuel99
Shorter Than Meby Syre Fayne
LevixOC Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) After Season 1 (Warning: there will be spoilers.) Levi's expression, his height, his number of unassisted titan kills; these...
Humanity's Blessing (Levi's Sister) by OXLeviXo
Humanity's Blessing (Levi's Sister)by Levi-Senpai<3
Emi Ackerman has lived her whole life in the underground with her brother and his friends. Once they get forced to join the Survey Corps she has to fend for herself unti...
Falling for Heichou | Levi x reader by XOX-Kayleigh-XOX
Falling for Heichou | Levi x readerby Kayleigh 🐍
(Y/N) wanted to be in the scout regiment since she was a kid and she watched as her older brother got killed by a Titan... She seeks to kill off the Titans like her frie...
Remember?(AOT Levi X reader) by A-Non-BinaryTurtle
Remember?(AOT Levi X reader)by Z
You knew him when you were both little. You even were underground with him until he mysteriously disappeared. What happens when you meet him again but in the world of ho...
3D Jungkook by cheneyqii
3D Jungkookby chene
3D song fanfic... please note I was not a dancer but am f#cking obsessed to another level😭😭 so I decided to make a fanfic off the mv I hope you enjoy🤧💜
Newcomers in a new world-Attack on Titan and Bleach crossover(discontinued) by NuraNuraPop
Newcomers in a new world-Attack on...by NuraNuraPop
Ichigo, rukia, Chad, Orihime, and some others were in wueco mundo (I don't know if I spelled it wrong or not) when Nnoitora and Grimmjow were on their tail, trying to ki...
Levi and Petra by Shemuel99
Levi and Petraby Syre Fayne
My tribute to their love. Attack on Titan. Just a poem with pictures.
Levi x cleaning products by xElinielx
Levi x cleaning productsby xElinielx
Well... Levi's in love with his cleaning products and NO ONE can ever find out.
Defenders Of Cuitov by Haydens-Stories
Defenders Of Cuitovby Painfully Honest Pansexual
This entire thing has no plot as of now and the writing is awful. Please standby as I think of some kind of thing I won't abandon. ps, this is loosely based on Snk/AoT s...
the alpha little dragon by reemz001
the alpha little dragonby reemz001
I keep running around the woods , I can hear their heavy footsteps very close ,while I was lost in my thoughts ,I trip over a tree log and Fall down hitting the ground...
A New World by ClaritaNox
A New Worldby ClaritaNox
Humanity encounters dragons; They're friendly, obedient, and effective in titan killing. Not only that, but they've brought with them a girl who claims she can aide huma...
Interval (SnK x D.G-m crossover) by _Lucaon_Selvior_
Interval (SnK x D.G-m crossover)by 𝐋𝖚𝖈𝖆
Can also be read at fanfiction.net under my other pen name "Zehel Klein" The Humanity along with the Titans r...
The Only Titan Tamer by BVBsoldier8
The Only Titan Tamerby T.M. Revolution
Abandoned as a child and left for dead in front of a Titan because of her parents cowardly ways, at that moment she felt fear, but when the Titan showed her kindness she...
fight to my last breath||Aot boys x reader by MariChatAgreste
fight to my last breath||Aot boys...by Smol bean
**i do not own attack on Titan or any of the characters except my OC's and you......kidding** **it may not have any views at the moment, but I'm sure you will enjoy it!*...
The outsider | Attack on Titan | Levi by CaoimheKinahan
The outsider | Attack on Titan | L...by Creepypasta girl :
Vixen was raised her whole life outside the walls of humanity When her father dies his last words were that it was more than just them in this world As a child vixen was...
Falling Inward | armin x titan charmer!reader by verybarry
Falling Inward | armin x titan cha...by ─ six. ❜ ۪۫⸙͎
➤ discontinued. When wall Maria fell, (Y/N) had crumbled with it. You witnessed the collapse of the wall first hand, and your life fell into a cavern of chaos; after be...
Attack on Titan  by JodieSmith3
Attack on Titan by Jodie Smith
I'm not good at descriptions so I hope u all enjoy!! This is my own version of attack on Titan so it's not gonna have all the same characters or places or anything, it...
Following Threads (Levi x Reader) DISCONTINUED by Sondepoch
Following Threads (Levi x Reader)...by S·O·N·D·E·P·O·C·H
It's been years since you last saw Levi. All you have left are small threads of information you've heard from the Underground, in the Training Corps, and eventually in t...
Boundary by yakitori_sama
Boundaryby Be Healthy
Attack On Titan Levi × Fem! Reader All characters except y/n belongs to Isayama Hajime and Kodansha. All rights reserved. Stories are purely fan-made and 100% original :...