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A Long Cahill Reunion by MyrtleW94
A Long Cahill Reunionby Eliza W
This book takes place after Vespers vs Cahills (before Pierce). Jamy is not a thing. Natalie is still alive. The Kabras, Holts, and Starlings are spending some time at t...
Many days with 39 by LimeLightElixir
Many days with 39by WAKE.ME.UP.INSIDE
(Male reader) You get a letter, go down to the Adverts studio and boi are you in for one HELL of a ride! (No pun intended)
Fnw39 x reader oneshots! by fanficstoryz
Fnw39 x reader oneshots!by Moved acc
Fluff too smut is allowed but please read the rules!! I do not own five nights with 39! All credit goes to Justin halls!!
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What If? by nyla123890
What If?by nyla123890
What If Amy and Dan were Lucians along with Ian and Natalie? But Amy is the nice one, trying to bring all of the branches together. Can Ian resist her or end up falling...
ThreeDirection by MadiLopierce
ThreeDirectionby MadiLopierce
Note: My friends and I decided to make this as a joke so please don't take any of this seriously because this is WattPad. It's all crazy stuff here. We're also not from...
39 smut by zoeworden
39 smutby evplosive-writer
39 smut book for yall
Cahill reunion (Amian) by Hamiltrash155
Cahill reunion (Amian)by Fireheart
It's basically what the title says the ships are: (Datalie) (Amian)and you have to read to find out the rest 😝
Distant Cousins (Five Nights with 39) by mikey12games
Distant Cousins (Five Nights with...by Mikey12
It's been quiet around the restaurant lately, maybe this is the kick in the ass I needed to go somewhere... wait, I HAVE A COUSIN?!!
I'm Sorry by books-life-death
I'm Sorryby ❀ c i r c l e ❀
Dan Cahill will never be the same again. After the vespers life has gone back to normal. Well as normal as it can get. Amy and Ian are a thing. All three are going to sc...
Owning Mr. Billionaire by Genskie_39
Owning Mr. Billionaireby Margaux nickel montefalco
warning:SPG alert R18+ some parts is SPG and not suitable for green minded,, so if your not open minded, don't bother to read this This is a story about how a girl being...
my Dream I saw Bonnie  by tigerdev12
my Dream I saw Bonnie by Roxanne Turner
this really Real story true what happened to Bonnie and me. before last Night against sometimes always I forgot against I not remembered... I'll show you this photos...
My friend 39~ NOT AN X READER FOR FEMALE'S  by Kpro_11
My friend 39~ NOT AN X READER FOR...by Kpro_ 11
Y/N comes from a very poor family. Her parents treat her with much love and affection. Y/N finds a job at a fazbear advert studio. She applies for the job and succeeds...
J      A  S    M      I     N   E by Deacys-Octopus
J A S M I N Eby BetterThanBaconNoSeagulls
@Bri_may_39 This is for you bby❤
Le journal d'un condamné by EspritWeird
Le journal d'un condamnéby EspritWeird
Avoir treize ans en 1939 et être né juif à cette même époque en Pologne a fait que ma vie comme celle de ma famille a été une source de souffrance permanente. Haï, banni...
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The mafias burnt pawn by BananaQueen111
The mafias burnt pawnby hannah Banana👑
Kai Red a beautiful nerdy author by day and a fiery mafia assassin by night receives and strange bouquet of black roses. But the question is who is the mysterious man yo...