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PHAN - 30 Day Smut Challenge by cruisin-like-nemo
PHAN - 30 Day Smut Challengeby namjoons titties enthusiast
Day 1: Naked cuddles Day 2: naked kiss Day 3: first time Day 4: masturbation Day 5: blowjobs Day 6: clothes on Day 7: half-dressed Day 8: against a wall Day 9: Skype sex...
Grofflin 30 Day Smut Challenge by animewormsonastring
Grofflin 30 Day Smut Challengeby WhatsUpTheatreKids
30 Day Smut Challenge 1. Best friends brother 2. Dominant peasant 3. First time 4. Masturbation 5. Clothes on 6. Blow job 7. Half dressed 8. Against the wall 9. Skype ...
Rayrard 30 day smut challenge by z3r0_0n3_zero
Rayrard 30 day smut challengeby Zero
Ray doesn't get enough love. Read on my dudes
30 Day Smut Challenge (Frerard) [SLOW UPDATES] by ravenousflame
30 Day Smut Challenge (Frerard) [S...by Jessie Harned-Turner
Pretty self explanatory. Just gonna be writing some Frerard smut. Hope you enjoy.
30 day smut challenge - JokerxJoker by QUIXOTICQUINN
30 day smut challenge - JokerxJokerby QUIXOTICQUINN
30 day smut challenge involving Joker x Joker. 30 smuts of our favourite boys.
L.S // Smut One Shots by luvsu2
L.S // Smut One Shotsby Tater Tot Tori
30 day smut challenge for Larry shippers woo
30 day smut challenge (Frerard) by elevens-mike
30 day smut challenge (Frerard)by Jane Ives
MATURE!!! Frerard 30 day smut challenge!!!
30 day Smut ddlb Challenge {FERARD} by tearinmyjish
30 day Smut ddlb Challenge {FERARD}by Eli.
might be some fluff ngl but - top!frank -little!babygee -mentions/actions including cannabis -smut (could be kinky could not be IDK yet) I'll add triggers in the story...
Kellic Smut🥀 by kellinsgayforvic
Kellic Smut🥀by Ruby Miller
Vic punishes Kellin for being disobedient ;)
30 Day Smut Challenge - Ryden by rydenfuckers708
30 Day Smut Challenge - Rydenby rydenfuckers708
Here we go :) Days: Cuddles Kisses First time Masturbation Blowjobs Clothed getting off Half dressed Skype Against a wall Doggy style Dom/sub Fingering Rimming 69 Sweet...
f r e r a r d  3 0  d a y  s m u t  c h a l l e n g e  by -itsajohnniejacket
f r e r a r d 3 0 d a y s m u t...by lena ☪
lowercase intended, smut (obvi) updates are gonna be slow :/
Destery smith / capndesdes | 30 day smut challenge  by FarintheFox
Destery smith / capndesdes | 30 da...by Destery trash no.1
So if you don't already know, destery is literally the sexiest being alive. So I'm writing about sex with mr. Sexy-pants. Warning this is my first smut book so it might...
☾ frerard 30 day smut challenge ☽ by therevsstallionduck
☾ frerard 30 day smut challenge ☽by ☾ stallion dick ☽
☾ *insert hate comments here for making gee tops* ☽
Hallow Love by monigol
Hallow Loveby boy
It doesn't matter how many times he puts it in if nothing ever stays. She longs the touch of a real man, but his past holds back everything he can be. Despite the tensio...