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Both caname  by ElectricTeen_Austria
Both caname by Mapleshade
Hey let's give this ship more love because there's not enough, plus who doesn't like a top Canada So this whole thing is just fangirl problems and request this ships...
America Oneshots by Closet_idiot
America Oneshotsby rated XXX
Requests always open! Look at the request page + the page "I'm back!" For details! Hope you all enjoy 😉
What It Means To Be Brothers by Allen_Jones_50
What It Means To Be Brothersby the laziest cat
Random collection of moments in the lives of Matt and Allen (2p!Canada and 2p!America respectively). [Fair Warning: most of these may include random role plays done by...
Don't Call Me Doll by awesomeme39
Don't Call Me Dollby Nicole
Fem America x 2p America Amelia Jones is a normal, athletic high school student, she lives with her older brother Arthur, and younger brother Mathew. One day while walki...
When America Kidnaps Himself. by Phantomhive2016
When America Kidnaps Himself.by Shadow Lights
Allen wanted to make sure his porkchop was safe and unharmed. He made everyone promise not to hurt a hair on his head while he was in the 1p's world. Or else. However, n...
2p!Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by MiladyMira
2p!Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby ✌👁👄👁✌
Well, for starters; I DO NOT OWN HETALIA OR ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS AND I DO NOT OWN YOU EITHER. This scenarios book could've been just another typical Hetalia Boyfrien...
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Reader by RoseFiammotta
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Readerby rose
She really thought it was just going to be a small package or maybe even a small box, but she really didn't expect two life changing crates... 2p!Hetalia X Reader Cover...
Finally Noticed by romanoindisguise
Finally Noticedby romanoindisguise
Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman...
 Behind The Hero's Mask by ProSlytherinShipper
Behind The Hero's Maskby Slytherinshippergenius
de·pres·sion /dəˈpreSH(ə)n/ Noun feelings of severe despondency and dejection. ///// America does very well in hiding his depression from the other nations, using his he...
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios by CjKirklandJones
Hetalia boyfriend scenariosby CjKirklandJones
⚠️THIS BOOK IS OVER⚠️ The characters in this book are: The Allies (Alfred,Arthur,Francis,Ivan,Yao) The axis (Ludwig,Feliciano,Kiku) And 2ps (Oliver,Matt,Allen,Luciano) ...
'sᴘʟɪᴛ' || ʜᴇᴛᴀʟɪᴀ by Spanish-Brit
'sᴘʟɪᴛ' || ʜᴇᴛᴀʟɪᴀby Spanish
• when one America isn't enough • "A-America..?" "Yeah?" "Why are there five, u-uh... W-Who are they...?" 《 ☆ ☆ ☆ 》 A pounding headache cau...
Ask the NA bros!! by espepspes
Ask the NA bros!!by espepspes
Hi so I'm making an Ask Book! You can ask Alfred, Matthew, Allen, or Matt questions. (You can ask the Nyos or their other Alternative selves, Nekos, Mochis{?}, or 3ps to...
Mirrors (2P!Axis x Reader x 2P!FACE) by burgersnscones
Mirrors (2P!Axis x Reader x 2P!FAC...by burgersnscones
It has been a year since you moved to England, but your quiet afternoon is interrupted by a surprise party held by your human and "country" friends. As you cel...
Life Child (2p F.A.C.E Hetalia x child!Reader) by Kittykatlord25
Life Child (2p F.A.C.E Hetalia x c...by Fandom trash
There was a girl named (y/n) that was walking down a pathway after killing her parents. She then bumped into a man and challenged her into a fight. She sassed her way in...
American Beauty, American Psycho by Hungary_FemRussia
American Beauty, American Psychoby Hungary_FemRussia
Hetalia Veggie Burger (1p America x 2p America) fanfiction. In this fanfiction the 1ps and 2ps will be existing on the same world, in the same dimension. May be some har...
2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surprise by NyoEngland
2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surpriseby Cake
You look out your peephole of your door to see that no one was there. You look down to see a small (F/C) cupcake on the ground. You slowly pick the cupcake up and from...
Hetalia X Abused! Male! Child! Reader by CamisCorner
Hetalia X Abused! Male! Child! Rea...by FucksShitUp
It's exactly like my other story but for males. Pictures are not mine. Hetalia is not mine. You are not mine. WARNING: Profanities ahead. I may suck with the accents.
Hetalia x reader *Oneshots* DISCONTINUED by Kittykatlord25
Hetalia x reader *Oneshots* DISCON...by Fandom trash
Hey! If you didn't already know, i'm making a Hetalia x reader oneshot book. You can request, here are the rules 1. You need to tell me which character EXAMPLE: Canada...
Nowhere (1p!HetaOni x Gender Neutral!Reader x 2p!HetaOni) by Burple560
Nowhere (1p!HetaOni x Gender Neutr...by Maddie
You were just going on holiday, really. You were just going to sign into the place you were staying at before everyone else. Really. That's what you were doing... right...
Ask/Dare Allen, Matt, Alfred, or Matthew! by Allen_Jones_50
Ask/Dare Allen, Matt, Alfred, or M...by the laziest cat
Just ask a question for one of the America's or Canada's! (Please nothing dirty thanks) Also if I find any question/dare to be in any way offensive, I will not answer it...