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Doctor Who One shots  by Caps_Mighty_Shield
Doctor Who One shots by Roonil Wazlib
One shots and preferences between you, (the reader/ Y/N) and any Doctor or companion :) Basically: Reader x Doctor, Reader x Companion, or Doctor x Companion Requests a...
Pov with Justin Degryse by Just_inlovewithim
Pov with Justin Degryseby Just_inlovewithim
a Pov with Justin Degryse and you (yeah you, the one who reading this 😁) btw just wanted to say please its just a pov so dont take it seriously, its just for fun :) als...
[silvering] super junior 12th member by -regaljackson
[silvering] super junior 12th memb...by joy
ㅡ in which super junior has twelve members requests open!
EXO's New Member by OhSehunnie_94
EXO's New Memberby Lithia
Yin is just a normal girl who wished to fulfill her dreams, to become one of the most popular K-POP star of Korea. Fortunately one day, she learns that she will debut...
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The Girl Who Never Knew by amateurh0ur
The Girl Who Never Knewby amateurh0ur
Due to a freak accident, the 12th Doctor finds himself crash landed in an alternate universe. One he thought he'd never return to. It is not long that he begins to reco...
Caskett: Never Ending Love by MyCastle47
Caskett: Never Ending Loveby Lily Castle
This is a series of one-shots consisting of random ideas, and it's just a lovely way to describe the wonderful life of Caskett. If any of you have ideas you want to see...
☆ Alone In this World ☆ by Hellgirl4700
☆ Alone In this World ☆by Hellgirl4700
I really think the 12th Doctor is underrated. I absolutly adore the man! And personally think that alot more people should write more fanfics about 12 :) The Doctor find...
The Judge [Doctor Who] by PinkehArt
The Judge [Doctor Who]by PinkehArt
Artemis Becker lived her life as a court judge in Nevada for a couple of years. Never taking time off to relax and only thinking about her future. However, her future ch...
Castle: Their Story 2 by KatherineHoughton
Castle: Their Story 2by DreamGirl47
Sequel of the book "Castle Their Story 1"
Why I love you by broccoli125
Why I love youby Jjocelyn
"I've never been lucky with love but it's something about him."
Ruffled feathers 12th DoctorxReader (oneshot) by The_Mousy_Writer
Ruffled feathers 12th DoctorxReade...by Karanachic05
The Doctor has just gone through his transition from eleven to twelve, and you have a few complaints about one another to start. (Alt beginning! Set where, instead of Cl...
tardis | doctor who one-shots by deelaveau
tardis | doctor who one-shotsby deelaveau
doctor who fanfics i'm proud of. don't be afraid to put a prompt in the comments. chances are i'll write it!
Fandom Smut and Fluff *REQUESTS OPEN* by 21chevyTardis
Fandom Smut and Fluff *REQUESTS OP...by Amelia Pond
Hi! This is a book full of smut and fluff for almost every fandom known to man! I assure you if you're a fangirl you will absolutely love it here! I also hid a bunch...
Doctor Who One Shots  by dxctordxnna
Doctor Who One Shots by leah
A bunch of one shots, which will (when it's done!) Include 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th doctors. At the moment it's a work in progress. This is kinda a side thing, I c...
The Fool On Mott Hill (Doctor Who) by LadyG1980
The Fool On Mott Hill (Doctor Who)by LadyG
Wilfred Mott's dead. Donna's devastated & the 11th Doctor shows up to give them comfort in a wibbly-wobbly way. But he may have other reasons for his return. Three rege...
Descriptive Individual Doctor Who Roleplay by imstillspooky
Descriptive Individual Doctor Who...by Spooky
Descriptive Roleplay. OCs allowed (encouraged). Individual. 9-12 sentences minimum. *Disclaimer* I do not own Doctor Who, or any of the characters. Most of the plot is...
Distant by Rose267
Distantby Rose
"Who would abandon a baby?" "I think the real question you should ask is why would someone abandon a baby?" Funny how one minute a day can be normal...
PE or Me by GoldenEnderFox
PE or Meby GoldenEnderFox
Set in 'The Caretaker'. Danny uses the invisibility watch to see how Clara acts around the Doctor. The Doctor obviously knows that Danny is there so he decides to push h...
Clara's Mistress (twissy) by doctorskitten
Clara's Mistress (twissy)by doctorskitten
What if Missy was in the vault while Clara was still with Doctor? What would it be like if Clara was dating the 12th Doctor? What if she had a secret desire to be domina...