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    The story revolves around two persons named veeranshu singhania and Bani Sharma.Veeranshu is a successful business man whose company runs for the growth and development of agriculture.And Bani Sharma,a simple village girl who completed her degree.

  • Fallen
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    VAni fanfiction.

  • Bani's School life💕( On Hold)
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    peep into the story to know!.!.!💕

  • Tales of heart
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    The story is about when two broken people met what will happened... they make each other complete or made each other more broken... In this story u will see is love beyond universe... but if this love will not get u how U became a zombie so seeing this u have to Read this story... My Main characters are Vani

  • Naagin Snippets
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    Vani Random

  • naagin 5
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    hoga naagin aur cheel ke pyaar ka imtehan phir ek baar .

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    Veeranshu Singhaniya a boy who has suffered a lot in his life after being ditched by his school life love ..he shifted to Canada to just forget all the things but what when he meet her again and vows to destroy her in 30 nights....will he be able to do it or the spark of there love will shine again

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    "See, I told you, you cannot kill me. Your love for me is way more than your love for the country." "You're right, I cannot kill you. But I can surely kill myself." I point the gun at my head. Sparing him means betraying my country. But I don't regret the way I should. He's right. My love for him is way more than th...

  • Nafrat
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    Nafrat story is the story of Veer, Tanuja and Bani, Who lives in a small city Jaipur and have different plans in life. Tanuja in nafrat story has only one dream i.e to fly in London. The second lead Bani is a bright student and wants to become successful in life. The third lead Veer has fallen in love with tanuja le...

  • vani
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  • Flowers In Full Bloom
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    a friend circle of 5 girls decided that they will not get in relationship with anyone. N promise each other that they won't let anything come in between their friendship. Bt is it possible to control our heart. what will happen when 5 boys enter their life. Would they be able to keep their promise

  • The fault in our love
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    Bani Sharma,a studious girl get into her dream college after a lot of struggles and protests.All she want is to be invisible and complete her studies without getting much attention.. Veeranshu singhaniya,School's bad boy,Daddy's rich spoilt kid, Having thousands of girls swooning over him.. what happens when the two...

  • Vani's Love Life 18+
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    This book started as OS but NOW 🙃

  • The Last Princess
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    In the alternate universe, set in the medieval period, where power rules and superstition lingers in the thin air, the tale of The Last Princess unfolds. For the hazel eyed king has secrets, desires and motives. The champagne eyed queen has fears, vows and hesitancy. A tale dealing with dominion, bonds, desires, cred...

  • After Life
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    The Story is about Bani Sharma a normal girl who Comes out from Coma after 2 years but her memory is totally loss and she didn't remember anything about her privias life, Bani's life becomes roller coaster ride everytime she feels like she is not alone, she feels like someone is watching her, following her... She feel...

  • Be Mine❤
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    shivaay -> Be Mine 😘 Annika -> I'm Already Yours FOREVER❤

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    she is mute weak innocent poor and most important she is an orphan her chachi hates her but others love her .he is spoilt he is a bad boy he is always ready to spend a night with any girl and if he wants he can force himself on anyone. he never loved anyone but his mad mind awakens when he saw such an innocent girl li...

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    This book only contains 3 shots which Unfolds the truth of the backstabbers..🥀 Mature Content Do read it at your own risk🙈💋🥰 Peep in to read🙈💞

    Completed   Mature
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    This story is basically a suspense-fantasy-love story... It's already foresaid... Veer n Bani r meant to be together.. but what has destiny decided??Will they fall for each other??Despite knowing about the past??What is decided in their fate??🖤🖤Read to know...about what had happened in the past...♥️Happy reading...c...

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    Its a dark love story of Vani. Veer married bani for taking his revenge.

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    Shivaay, a playboy, who lives his life freely. Anika, a nerd, who wants to study to fulfill her mother's dream and prove herself to the world. What happens when they cross each others' way and fortunately becomes roomie? Peep into the story to know more.❤️ Highest rankings - #1- Narbhi (28.12.18) #1- Roomie (4.4.19...

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
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    In this story u can see how two bestfriend fall in love with eachother and how they face problems to live together ♥Main lead character♥ Surbhi chandana:- Bani sharma Sharad malhotra:- veer singhania ♥Sharma family♥ Swarna sharma Manish sharma ♥Singhania's family♥ Balwant singhania Chandrakala singhania

  • Made For Each Other (Slow updates)
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    𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬.❤✨ The story starts with the journey of two couples Vani & Behir, from friendship to love. The main leads are Bani, Veer, Bela & Mahir. Where Bani & Bela have lost their parents in accident, hence Bani gets his father. Although, the four are diff...

  • Vani : Realisation of Truth
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    A naagin 5 FF of Vani. Starts after gandhak saves Veer. I have made slight changes. Cover credits: @ Meera_oberoi Please read.

  • Three Crowns. On hold
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    A fanfiction of Naagin 5. One Prophecy Of Three Life. Two Men. One Oracle Queen. A Fight For Love. Lion, Lamb and Sheep. She is the queen of love. The lamb. He is the king of death . The lion. The other is the ruler of life. The sheep. They are back.

  • Trouvaille- A Shivika OS
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    A one shot on Shivika. Not based on the storyline. Disclaimer- I own no rights to Ishqbaaz. Just using it for creative purposes.

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    "Sincere for the world, Wild for me Serious for the world, Craziest for me Mature for the world, Immature for me Adult for the world, Childish for me Smile for the world, Giggles for me" She said to the lady And saw him coming towards her He smiled😉at her She blushed☺ Everyone else burned seeing this🔥 . . . 👉C...

  • Naagvansh (Lineage of shape shifting serpent)
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    Life gives you many choices to make but it never tells you the consequences. She had everything to be the next naagrani(serpent queen) but she chose not to be, all for the sake of her love. She thought she chose the right path but little did she know, it would change her life forever. Get ready to indulge yourself in...

  • Beyond Great Darkness
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    This is a tale of Aadinagin Bani and Cheel Prince Veeranshu. Follow them as they discover their friends and foes and how they finally defeat Markaat. (Veer/Bani, Tapish/Meera, Includes New Rituals, New Legends) Disclaimer- Nagin 5 belongs to Balaji Telefilms, Colors TV and anybody else that owns it. I do not claim to...

  • Love Beyond Friendship
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    What happens when the two souls who refers themselves as best friends are forced to get married to each other? Is it only friendship or something else? Will they realise their love? Peep in to get the answers for those questions and get ready to witness a different storyline here 😉❤️