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  • Thantophobia
    687K 29.8K 35

    *COMPLETED* Thantophobia (n.) the phobia of losing someone you love Rankings- #1 in mxm (5/28/20) #1 in manxman (7/12/20) #2 in boyxboy (7/16/20)

  • I'm Married...To...Satan (mpreg) (COMPLETED)
    327K 11.7K 21

    I could see the things that lurk in the shadows I'm not scared since they are now my friends and family. My name is Chris, I was your average 16 year old gay teen. Well that was until one day. I went out with some friends, and I got drugged. I was dragged back to my home where I was left in my room, alone, horny, I...

  • Beauty And The Beast (Manxboy)
    216K 8.4K 32

    Who could learn to love a beast?

  • Meeting The Emperor
    157K 6.6K 53

    Boy x Boy 18 year old Ezra Carter is nothing more than a peasant boy working on his mother's farm and taking care of her, he's quite content and happy with his life. Until one day he's out at his stand in the market, he unknowingly catches the attention of the Emperor himself. And he wants him. Started: 12/30/20 Ended:

  • Hey Kitten (Completed) (BxB)
    2M 64.2K 27

    ||Highest rank #2 in lgbtpride|| ||Highest rank #3 in neko|| ||Highest rank #15 in gaylove|| ||Highest rank #24 in cute|| ||Highest rank #44 in boy|| Currently under constructionnnn but you should be able to read without getting confused :) Galaxy Jones or Axy Jones has been homeschooled for as long as he can reme...

  • The Little King
    968K 27.5K 68

    Title: The Little King (小夫君) Author: Amongst the Clouds (云间) _____ Tensions between the Kingdom of Xia and the Northwest Barbarians rise as they continue to fight on the border. To maintain a fragile alliance, the 'Princess' of peace Xia Xi was gifted as a tribute. He thought that the Barbarian King he was supposed to...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Donna. (Under Revision)
    1M 48K 62

    An assassin and a mafia Don. One night, Two results.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Film Emperor Asks For Divorce Every Day
    246K 10.3K 123

    For Offline Reading Purpose Credits to the rightful author Credits to the rightful translator Film Emperor Ling Qing transmigrated and found himself on the receiving end of old dog blood scum abuse and must separate himself from the scum gong Yu Chen before he enters a cycle of pregnancy and miscarriage. Ling Qing dec...

  • The Male Empress 男性的皇后 (BOY X BOY)
    168K 4.9K 35

    Please read book 1 to not spoil the ending. Please it driving me nuts when you don't add both to your reading lists! The second book to "The Male Concubine" During his days as the Crowned prince, Hong Er after a battle that he lost, he was then taken as hostage but managed to escape since was deeply wounded in the mou...

  • Crossing In the farming field and hitting face
    146K 5.3K 59

    After Shen Yao died, he woke up and found that he was not only reincarnated, but also pregnant with a little bun. He has developed a personality that is similar to that of the original owner, but is different from the original owner. In the face of adversity, there is always a group of brothers, sisters, aunts and a...

  • Soul Exchange With The Tragic Villain [BL, yaoi]
    494K 23.1K 26

    Kuroda Akira had always lived like an ordinary salaryman, working hard, slaving away in his corporate life. However, this was far from what he actually wanted! He was super tired with his life in the corporate area... he loved manga, cooking and cafés . He had always desired the life of a cafe owner and manager, wher...

  • In the future, my whole body is a treasure
    171K 3.7K 17

    When Ren Sheng is being hunted, in order to not fall into the hands of his enemies he decides to jump into the crack of space and time. Unexpectedly, he crossed into the future and was forced to substitute as a bride while he was still in a coma. When he wakes up, he actually has a husband... Ren Sheng is extremely sa...

  • Stay Away From My Mate!
    639K 23.5K 93

    What happens when a young orphaned male omega is adopted into a human family? Ezra, a young omega, was orphaned at the age of 3. When his parents were viciously attacked by rogues. However being raised by humans......he didn't know that he is a wolf, in fact, he hasn't even experienced his first heat. But don't let h...

  • The Farm Life Of a "Fool"
    433K 20.8K 185

    TRANSMIGRATION: THE FARM LIFE OF A "FOOL" Xu Ran has been working in a company for two years after graduating from college. It takes him so much effort to finally get a promotion. While immersed in the elation of this great news, he accidentally falls down the stairs. By the time he wakes up, he transmigrates to a wor...

    242K 10.4K 83

    Skye was starting university thinking it wil be just a normal experience but what he didn't expect was to find out that the prince was his roommate Formally known as SKYE PRINCE

    Completed   Mature
  • [MPREG] I Have a Happy Ending with the Mistress's Ex-Boyfriend
    1.8M 72.5K 87

    When the starlet Jian Qiaoxin went to catch his boyfriend in the act, who could have thought that the mistress's boyfriend, Chairman Yan Gan, also came to the scene. The only difference was: Jian Qiaoxin is holding a phone, but Yan Gan is holding a knife. Therefore. The scene of catching an adultery turned into a b...

  • Marked by a Tyrant After Transmigrated
    147K 6.2K 51

    Ye Shu transmigrated into the book he had just read and became the first cannon fodder minister who was brought down by the tyrannic male lead; by the death of a thousand cuts and the like. Ye Shu resolutely packed up and decided to abscond before this could happen. On the road, feeling that he had been drugged, he ac...

  • Ascension Theorem During Pregnancy [ DanmeI MTL ]
    92.6K 3.7K 53


  • Trust ¦| [KAIHUN]✓[COMPLETED]
    126K 7.5K 62

    [OH SEHUN] A full-time photographer which has a peaceful and calm life just by doing what he loves. But things change completely when he suddenly bumps into a mysterious gang. "This is not what I want but why do I need to get involved?" "I was forced at first but now, I'm not sure." [KIM JONGIN] A cold, heartless an...

  • Wife, Children and Warm Bed[ 𝗠𝗧𝗟 ]
    120K 3.7K 60

    Author:水千承(shui Qian Cheng) 老婆孩子热炕头 (OR) 灰大叔与混血王子 Seme ->周谨行 (Zhou Jin Xing) Uke -> 丁小伟 (Ding Xiao Wei) Chinese-https://www. ⚠️MACHINE TRANSLATION⚠️ I don't understand chinese language. This is translated by translation app.I did this for offline reading. Photo credit to owner

    Completed   Mature
  • Escape From The Tyrant President [逃离暴夫总裁]
    75.5K 1.3K 19

    ENGLISH TRANSLATION Updates: regularly Status In COO: 174 Chapters (Completed) Author: 空空狐王 Summary: The new article next door, "Mr. Huo's milk bag is super sweet" first married after love and then seeking attention. "On the second day of the first month of that year, they got married." Ling An married into the Xing...

  • Reincarnated as the Mini Boss in a novel
    275K 12.9K 25

    Living a mundane life, the 23 year old man named Akito died without experiencing love nor dating. To be reincarnated in a novel that he had not yet finished reading, how can he survive it without knowing the final boss is? [Photos are not mine]

  • His son has the richest billionaire father
    229K 11.6K 61

    Firstly I do not own this work, I just want to translate some stories that stopped/or still have no English translation. I've been really bored/tired well whatever you call it during the pandemic and want to share some interesting stories UwU. This is my first time doing this so have patience with me and hopefully yo...

  • Beloved Husband of a Billionaire (BL Novel)
    260K 11.8K 34

    As soon as he finished his studies, Miguel promised to work hard to take care of his family. He wanted his old father to retire without worries and to live the rest of his life in comfort. The only way to fulfill his goal was to seek for greener pastures. He finds employment in a foreign country. He worked tirelessly...

  • Omega's Broken Soul (MxM) [COMPLETED]
    3.9M 141K 59

    Originally known as "The Alpha's Submissive Beta" This book is ***Under Light Editing*** Amari has been struggling with self-acceptance since he was eight years old. The day his mother was murdered changed his life forever. After being adopted into a new pack and faced with regrets about that incident, Amari falls int...

    Completed   Mature
  • After Regenerating Into An Omega, Everyone Is Dying To Marry Me
    119K 4.8K 65

    [CURRENTLY EDITING] ENGLISH TRANSLATION Status In COO: 62 (Completed) Author: 啾咪啾咪兔 Original Name: 重生成Omega后所有人争着要娶我 Summary: Annoyed his mother, caused his father to fall into a coma in a car accident, and completely broke off with his excellent relationship. Fu Yuanzhou, the young boy who betrayed his relatives, k...

  • Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG)
    3M 173K 104

    SECOND CHANCES, I didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have been born, I was conceived by a maid and caused his most beloved wife to never forgive him. Hidden and forgotten until I was needed to take my...

  • Offered Into Marriage
    461K 11.1K 22

    Yang Yang starved to death once, so after rebirth, he had only one wish: food and clothing. However, in the blink of an eye, Yang Yang heard his uncle say that he had to cut open his stomach to take out the eggs. Yang Yang: ... I advise you to be kind. In order to protect himself, Yang Yang found out the identity of t...

  • Rebirth: My Sassy 'Crown Princess'
    181K 7K 71

    "You mean that Prince Yu wants to marry me?" "Exactly, young master, Prince Yu wants to marry you!" "Hell no! Is he out of his mind? Even if woman is a rare species nowadays, as the prince, he could have a chance to marry one. Is it because he got excluded, or maybe he has sexual impotence, so he could only marry a ma...