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  • A Pyre For A Lover | hannigram
    8.9K 686 26

    "If you love me, burn me alive. " Things have changed. And while the pair has run away from the claws of death, pain still lingers around. For mysterious old loves begin to tangle around their necks, dark doubts settle in the hearts and revenge begins to blind their eyes. Parts - The Burning Of Love (Ardor), The Burni...

  • The Misfortunes of Lolita
    3.6M 147K 36

    A/N: This is an unedited, significantly different version of the soon to be published novel by losangelesque aka L. Akhter. This draft was written when I was 15-18 years old and I highly encourage new readers to read the published version instead. Former high school football star Frank Novak meets profound and depress...

    169K 14.4K 89

    A Wattpad Editors Choice. Tearing away all the papers of a bulletin board brings Edward Ruiz face to face with Adam Yuan, a young man who disappeared six years ago when he was only fourteen. Directly after, Edward is overtaken by a voice inside his head - a voice claiming to be that of Adam himself. Dragged into a ni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prithvi... [Vol 1] (Ongoing) (Winner of Wattpad India Awards 2019)
    589K 32.7K 32

    Winner of 'Wattpad India Awards 2019' in Both Popular Choice and Judge's Choice Categories. May 2020 - A request Please do not start reading 'Prithvi' right now. It is an ongoing story, and it will take me a long time to wrap it up. Once the story is completed, I would be very happy and grateful if you would give it...