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  • Beautiful Lies
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    "Every Beautiful Lies has a painful truth"

  • Her Unforgettable Revenge
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    COMPLETED They say karma is a bitch which is not true for Her because for Her,karma is not bitch because the karma is Her. Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you,that was the golden rule that everyone should follow but not every people will follow that rule.Like the peoples,Who gives her hurt, lie, cr...

  • Venus
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    COMPLETED Who's Venus? Date started:09/08/21 Date ended:09/14/21 @InoxentGorgeous

  • Almost A Happy Ending
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    COMPLETED "Tell what you feel to someone even it was risking, because if you don't maybe you will regret it in the future and worst it will end in almost a happy ending." @InoxentGorgeous Date started:8/08/20 Date finished:1/01/21