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  • The Midnight Mansion | Attack On Titan Murder Mystery | Erwin Smith x Reader
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    There were five missing girls reported all in the same year, and strangely all spotted last on the fabulous mansion, called Smith Mansion. "My Oh My..." I gasped with my jaw plummeted to the ground from the looks of a devil. How was I suppose to interrogate this mansion with a distraction....tall, blonde, ocean blue e...

  • Here for you - Erwin x Reader
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    COMPLETED // (Y/N) Is pretty good at reading people and have a talent for knowing when someone is not ok. Lately (y/n) has noticed that Commander Erwin Smith is not his usual self. Sorry for the crappy summary xD This is a Erwin x Reader story. Please leave your comment Hope you like it. Attack on Titan Belongs to Haj...

  • Frigid (Erwin Smith x Reader)
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    Since the day your parents were killed, you swore to yourself that you would do and give anything to protect your siblings- even if it meant breaking the law. (I do not own SNK or any of the photos)

  • How could you? / Reiner x reader (AU / Attack on Titan)
    30.2K 871 12

    //ON HOLD // (Y/N) meets Reiner when she joins the Military and later both join The Survey Corps. They fall maddly in love. (Y / N) discovers Reiner's secret and she must choose between her friends and the world she knows, or her love for Reiner. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thi...

  • | Fall Of Felicity | Erwin Smith x Reader
    218K 9.6K 93

    Every single human to ever come alive in this life has a deck of cards representing the character traits that they possess. (Y/n) (L/n) a woman who lacks physical strength when performing, extremely clueless to everything that ever encounters her, always negatively feels she's not capable of anything and is always tak...