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  • Harry Potter girls x Hufflepuff Malereader
    21.3K 359 64

    one shots includes a harem series(your always a Hufflepuff)

  • A Powerless Nobody/The Son of Two Powerful Devils (Male reader x MHA, RWBY, DxD)
    11.4K 133 16

    Y/n L/n wanted to be like everyone else at UA, a powerful warrior, able to bring down villains and monsters of any size. But, sometimes fate doesn't always go the way you want, and for Y/n, he had found out that he didn't have a quirk, semblance, or even a sacred gear. This unfortunately, led him to being ridiculed an...

  • Why did the God of Love choose me?!
    78.9K 2.4K 143

    My name's Kichirou Saiyaku, and I was your average shut-in NEET, always playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga. And it's funny because I always wished my life would be like an anime; Getting the girls I wanted, being strong and having supernatural powers. My dreams come true when I woke up in a fant...

  • The Child of Doom (Highschool DxD fanfic story)
    30.1K 588 22

    In a world filled with mythological creatures of every kind, nothing comes close to a mystery as humanity itself. And the world of demons and angels are about to see an example of how just how powerful and dangerous humans can truly be. And they're about to see DOOM! *NOTE* I don't own any properties within this stor...

  • The Normal Human (High School Dxd x The Disastrous life of Saiki K)
    37.4K 450 20

    There is a boy named Saiki K, he has psychic powers but hides them very well. He moved to Kuoh when he was 2 months in high school but little did he know doing that will change his life or something.

  • My Hero Academia Females X Male Reader Oneshot Lemons (Requests Closed)
    371K 2.3K 30

    This contains 18+ Content, please don't proceed into reading this if you want to see the various females of My Hero Academia getting lewded. My Hero Academia belongs to Kohei Horikoshi and Shonen Jump.

  • A World Unlike Ours (Male Reader x RWBY harem)
    286K 3.7K 35

    (Y/N) (L/N) was an average teenage boy who just pass both college and high school at a young age, now 18 both him, his cousin and their (terrible) friend are moving back home. But (Y/N) didn't start a good life, his parents died, his girlfriend cheated on him, he was made fun of for having two different color eyes and...

  • RWBY (Summer x Reader)
    27.4K 638 20

    Y/N Schnee was the first child of the Schnee family, but like his sisters to come he would be one of the first to be move away from his family to Vale against their wishes. Following his early graduation of Beacon Academy under a program he would end up returning as a teacher. After a mission Y/N finds himself with a...

  • Waifu Novel!! (Male reader x Massive harem)!
    81.5K 760 21

    (Y/N) (L/N) is your ordinary 19 year old man. He works out, has a normal well paid job, lives in a house, has a pet dog named Ghost, and loves books, anime, manga, video games, and all various media!! One day, he finds a weird novel on the ground, titled "Waifu Novel!" He picks it up and decides to read it!! However...

  • King of serpents
    70.9K 1.4K 18

    Izuku yagi is neglected and bullied his life but when he is 13 he learns he has a power much stronger then any quirk

  • DC: Dragon War of Apokolips
    12.4K 172 6

    He was loyal, He was faithful and devoted Husband and Hero, but when he was Betrayed by his friends cause of a crime he didn't comment. His wife Cheated on him on 2 different occasions with two of his friends. Now he in chains in cell somewhere. years go by as Hate, Anger and vengeance filled his heart. Years later t...

  • Investigator Kaneki of the CCG
    24.5K 1.1K 36

    This is an AU where Kaneki joins the CCG as an investigator instead of meeting Touka and Anteiku. I don't own Tokyo Ghoul, nor the picture.

  • Male Chainsaw Man Reader x Highschool DXD
    11.1K 324 9

    Y/n L/n is a guy living in poverty, who barely managed to get into Kuoh Academy. Sadly, he dies.

  • Shadow clone mess up
    16.5K 481 42

    Forth used shadow clone for paper work

  • My Oc Book
    252 2 1

    This is a book that would contain all my oc bios. The oc's are free to use as long that you credited me.

  • King Of The Food Chain (Dom! Male Reader X Futa & Female) (Discontinued)
    45K 330 5

    Co-siding with the women and the unknown birth defect of women who packs both sex genes under their legs than one, (Y/n) lives his colleges life while surviving the onslaught of your everyday fate's like wandering the wilderness of Madagascar.

  • One in a Million (Goblin Slayer Male Reader Insert)
    18.8K 429 5

    Goblins. They are the worst. Some of the most vile creatures on this planet, no doubt about it. However, when a half breed of a human and goblin is brought into the world he is faced with the same treatment that humans bring to his goblin peers, only problem is, he acts nothing likes the goblins in fact he wants nothi...

  • The Young Devil Hunter (M reader X Rwby)
    110K 1.2K 16

    Y/N "Nero" Schnee. A boy abused and neglected ever since he could remember all because he wasn't a proper Schnee. One day his entire life changed all thanks to a mistake his "father" did. Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

  • The love that couldn't be
    148K 2.6K 22

    Izuku live a alone but is mum dad are working over sea, iuzku is also training to get the power of all might as that he could become a hero. However one day in the afternoon he get a knock at the door, when he open the door he is met with the crying eyes of his god mother Mitsuki. Read on for more

    Completed   Mature
  • Yandere Neighbor X Male Reader
    147K 1.7K 16

    You're a 16 year old boy who as always bullied in school. You're only friend is your neighbor. Your true.. Beloved... Friend in the whole wide world who would do anything for you Rin Noriko.

  • Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY)
    191K 1.7K 35

    He was being torn apart by the most of the academy students when Cardin expose his fake transcipt. He still has his friends but he ran away when his father disowned him. He teleported to the world where Human and Covenant are at war. Now, Jaune Arc, Admiral of UNSC, is ready to finish what he started. Note: this sto...

  • Milf harem x male reader
    28.1K 480 10

    19 year old Y/n is living by himself for the first time how will he do

  • Get Away (asta x noelle) [On Hold]
    26.1K 603 30

    During a mission asta and noelle got into an argument leading noelle to use a spell on asta leaving asta with serious injury, and now after hearing what happend to asta all the women that hold feeling for him try to keep her away from him. Will she ever get the chance to apologize to him [I don't own black clover it b...

  • highschool dxd: female issei x male reader
    32.5K 353 33

    Yeah I know I do a lot of dxds but this one has been on my mind for awhile so dont go and say this is your fourth one or didnt you already make one yeah so what anyway in this story your normal kinda your family is a group of assains and you are the only one that isnt one but you do have a few sets of skills your the...

  • Myth releases
    10.4K 221 30

    My new naruto fic

  • Izuku Ackerman Humanity's Strongest Hero
    13.7K 242 7

    during the battle against Eren Jaeger levi Ackerman,Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert were hit with Eren's/Armin's titan lightning along with getting hit by a bolt by ymir fritz and they get sent to a random place with new bodies Japan levi was the only one to keep his memories from the beginning of his new life even...

  • Izuku Inheritor Of The 9 Titans
    71.5K 1.3K 24

    So basically in this story Eren succeeds in his plan and takes all 9 Titan Shifter power and then goes into hiding for the next few centuries until Izuku trying to run from Katsuki falls into a hole and meets Eren and Eren chooses Izuku to inherit the 9 Titans

  • The Unknown Wizard (Fairy Tail x Male Reader)
    89.4K 1.4K 20

    Join Y/N L/N on his journey as a Fairy Tail wizard. Not much is known about his past or his powers, but some are ready to bet that he could take over the entire world with a snap of his fingers. Accompanied by his friends and his deadly scythe, will he be able to take on the demons from his past, his present and his f...

  • Opportunity in remnant (RWBY x Gamer MaleReader) Book of RWBY
    151K 2.1K 14

    Life can be simple at times...can it not Being happy can suddenly change to Feeling Sadness Anger can leave you confused at your sudden actions It's all natural in the human body, Sometimes people can have the luckiest days of their lives....But other times it can leave you closer to deaths door All of it can chan...