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  • Accidental Father [1]
    2M 106K 37

    "H-Hi." "Who are you?" the little boy questioned. "I'm," Hoseok struggled, "I uh, I'm your A-Appa..." - Watching the little boy drifting off to sleep, your eyes slowly darted over all of his face. His slightly puffy cheeks being the most adorable things ever. Petting at his hair, when his breathing evened, you tried...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain (A BTS Suga Fanfic) #Wattys2015
    980K 32K 39

    [ Min Yoongi of Bangtan Sonyeondan | Roses of Love, the first series ] ☆ On-Going ★ Completed ☆ On-Hold ☆ Soon "Because of the rain, I fell for you." Would you believe those words? Is it possible for a person to fall in love under the rain? No? You're wrong.. I fell inlove with him ever since that incident happened, h...

  • kik ◇ bts | jungkook
    3.4M 145K 63

    ❝ why did you send me a pic of seokjin? ❞ // cover by @seoultori //

  • COMPLETED - Boy In Luv 상남자 [Kim Taehyung / V] BTS
    3.3M 126K 32

    What if one day you just happened to get the worst job of your life? not just working for a jerk, but working for the jerk who once broke your heart? how does Lei tolerate the intolerable Kim Taehyung? read more to find out ;)

  • The Bet(EXO)
    129K 5.3K 38

    Chanyeol was a genius. He gets straight As in all of the subjects and is the always number 1 in school. He could beat all the seniors in their studies he was practically gifted. The thing about it was Chanyeol wasn't adored by the people. He was stepped on and bullied everyday. Nobody bothered to help the poor boy. ...

  • 「Promise? Promise.」
    128K 4.5K 32

    bts' kim taehyung fanfic ^^ y.

  • Playboy | Kim Taehyung
    607K 26.7K 18

    PLAYBOY. That is the definition of Kim Taehyung, a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous. Park Sujin is the total opposite. The definition for Park Sujin is, ordinary a.k.a something with no special or distinctive features or in other word...

  • Just One Day (BTS V/Kim Taehyung)
    105K 5.2K 18

    Bae Joohyun, or well-known as Irene, is a high school girl who apparently worked as a maid too. Unfortunately, she won't receive any money from working there. Irene was traumatized by love and have promised to herself to never, ever, love again. She was keeping her promise well until a guy named Kim Taehyung ruined it...

  • BTS Imagines
    271K 10K 20

    BTS Imagines for all 7 members: •Rap Monster •Suga •Jin •J-Hope •V •Jungkook •Jimin Book backgrounds all credits to tumblr.

  • My Fool | Kim Taehyung
    211K 11K 20

    Lee Minjae ranked #1 Kim Taehyung ranked #200 A girl with an IQ of 149 faces trouble with a boy who doesn't know how to spell Wednesday. » "My heart beats rapidly when ever I'm with you and I can't stay focused and I don't even want you to be here but, when you leave I don't know why I feel lonely. The crazy thing is...

  • dino's twin sister ➳ seventeen
    2M 78.4K 45

    ❛ My name is Lee Areum, and I'm the twin sister of Seventeen's maknae, Dino. ❜ { achievements; #63 in fanfiction }

  • BigBang Imagines & Scenarios
    1.3M 25.3K 98

    Just BigBang scenarios varying from fluff to smut, and everything in between

    Completed   Mature
  • If We Ever Meet Again. ( Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction )
    388K 11.9K 21

    The only mistake I did in life was saying " I Do." Was it really a mistake?

  • The Boys (EXO)
    711K 18.5K 41


  • In A Relationship With Chanyeol of Exo
    1.9M 73.6K 32

    Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with this derp? Be with me through this journey and be a witness in our love story. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • Kakao Talk ➳ Chanyeol
    478K 45.6K 38

    ❝KakaoTalk❞ se escuchó el timbre por toda la sala. ✧ exobxngtan ⇒ 2015 -; No copias ni adaptaciones ©

  • My Bittersweet Story (EXO fanfic) [hiatus]
    542K 19.1K 82

    Life is meant to be an adventure, Huang Dree Ah hasn't lived a happy life even though she is rich and can have everything she wants, but things change when she moves to Korea and meets people that, unexpectedly, have their own impact in her life. "Everyone says that love hurts, but that's not true. Loneliness hurts...

  • || Seventeen Imagines and Preferences || REQUESTS CLOSED
    877K 22.8K 59

    « Here are imagines of you guys with all 13 members » ➵ S.Coups ­­­- Papa Coups ➵ Jeonghan - Angel Jeonghan ➵ Joshua - Gentleman Joshua ➵ Jun - The handsome quiet one ➵ Hoshi - 10:10 eyes ➵ Wonwoo - Sexyyy ➵ Woozi - Pink fluff ball / Son of Suga ➵ DK - aMaZiNg vOiCe ➵ Mingyu - Good looking since birth ➵ The8...

  • In A Relationship With BaekHyun of Exo: His Fearless Sasaeng
    1.7M 71.9K 43

    Yes. I am HIS FEARLESS SASAENG. -- Most cases of plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of anywhere between $100 and $50,000 -- and up to one year in jail. Plagiarism can also be considered a felony under certain state and federal laws. For example, if a plagiarist copies and earns more than $2,50...