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  • Teresa
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    *HalloweenVault3d CONTEST WINNER* After the disappearance of her friend, Teresa, Lucy had been heartbroken and alone. Until one sinister day, she gets a call for pizza delivery and reluctantly, she had to do her job. She does to the addressed house only be in front of an abandoned house. With fear and anticipation l...

  • Shifting Rage
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    Connor feels an undeniable rage and jealousy towards his twin sister Cara. Her teasing him and isolating him by spreading rumors. Yet his rage seems to manifest itself in a new form...

  • Trick or Treat [Halloween Vault 3D]
    781 168 18

    This book contains stories written for Halloween vault 3d (2020) Story Index 1. A Secret @Fantasy profile. (Word count :- 835) 2. Witching Hour @Horror profile. (Word count :- 491) 3. The Estate @GothicLit profile. (Word count :- 496) 4. Halloween Miracle @WattRevenge profile. (Word count :- 494) 5. A confession @crim...

  • Spooky Stories: Halloween Vault 3-D 2020
    925 175 15

    The "Ultimate Writer" Winner of the Halloween Vault 3-D in 2020. The following won their category: 🏆 "Loan Me Two Dollars?" for the Horror profile. 🏆"The Village of the Dead" for the SecretTreasures profile. 🏆"The Echo of Carriage Wheels" for the GothicLit profile. 🏆"Jealousy" for the Crime profile. 🏆"A Forest...