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  • Reel To Real lover's 18+
    1.6K 247 3

    What happens when the Famous actor Veeranshu Singhania starts gets paired opposite newcomer Bani sharma for his new film. But Veeranshu is nothing what bani had expected him to be - He is rude, arrogant and self obsessed while Bani is Polite,hard working and has a good heart. Where would destiny take these reel lovers...

  • VILLAIN (Dark FF)
    13.2K 1.8K 35

    he said : I'm the VILLAIN of your life....... *and he came closer* she screamed : no!!! you can't do this to me!!! noooo!!! plzzz!! Why she screamed?? and the main question is, is he the real villain of her life?? warning ⚠ : republish!! Disclaimer : this book contains violent scene, rape and BDSM too So, read at y...

  • The Flame Of Love (Vani ff)
    10.2K 2.1K 20

    Veeranshu Singhania, a Detective, Bani Sharma, someone killed her boyfriend , she is in a search of a Detective, To whom she'll give her case?!Who killed Bani's boyfriend?Was Bani really in love with her boyfriend? The Story is filled with Romance , Humour and Thrill, you all gonna enjoy a lot!!So to know further just...

  • Love Beyond Friendship
    21.4K 4.2K 35

    What happens when the two souls who refers themselves as best friends are forced to get married to each other? Is it only friendship or something else? Will they realise their love? Peep in to get the answers for those questions and get ready to witness a different storyline here 😉❤️

  • Arranged To Love
    12.9K 1.2K 16

    This is story of our beloved vani. It's a arrange marriage story. Peep in to know more.

  • raanjhana; vani ff
    12.2K 1.8K 23

    She didn't expect it. She had lost hope. She didn't want love. He drowned in her eyes. He was hopeful. He wanted to love her. And when they came together, it was almost perfect.

  • Vani OS - A Lovestory Of a Lifetime (18+)
    64.8K 7.3K 70

    Story on VANI as they visit Veer's family for the first time during his elder brother's (Tapish) engagement. No supernatural element in this story. All are humans. Veer and Bani have been in love for almost 2 years. Bani is from a middle class family while Veer is from a upper class. His both parents are alive and h...

  • LOVE FOREVER❤(On hold)
    42.4K 5K 65

    Peep into it. 😁 *Love forever❤(On hold) *LOVE FOREVER 2.0(on hold)

  • BE MINE (Completed🥳)
    32K 3.5K 39

    Veer and Bani is staying in one house. will they fall in love?

  • N5-remake (vani ff)
    8.3K 1.4K 18

    So guys it'a kind of remake of n5 but way more different and without any loopholes with a happy vani ever after. I have changed the past story completely thus no satyug drama. Veer's character will be potrayed strong in this story. inshort everything which you expected from n5. Do give it a read.

  • You and only you (vani ff)
    23.8K 2.6K 25

    He is a normal human being. She is a normal human being. No satyug drama. Only vani. Peep to know more.......................

    46.6K 5.1K 46

    The story revolves around four character Bani Veer Jai and Dheeraj.They are not naagin naag and cheel in this story.Bani has a child named Vivaan and she is raising him as a single mother. Now the question is who is Vivaan's father? why she left him? if Veer or Jai or Dheeraj is the father of Vivaan, then what other t...

  • or hatred????
    6.3K 591 10

    So guys as promised back with another story...... Third book: a detective saga love 💕 let's see how their love story start...

  • The Last One
    21K 2.8K 15

    "You can see me?" "What do you mean I can see you? I have eyes of course I can see you" He frowned, she wasn't supposed to be able to see him. She was just a beautiful Mortal Girl he was insanely attracted to but that shouldn't give her the ability to look behind the invisibility sheild that the King of Shape Shifters...

  • Mafia (vani ff)
    10.3K 1.1K 12

    Veer is a ruthless mafia king. But one day he is stunned to see someone very important from his past whom he has lost. Who denies to know him. Guess who is she? Tune in to know more.....

  • Vani Obsession
    6.5K 733 13

    This story is just my imagination ...... in this story there is paranormal characters same as naagin 5 but story is no more description just go n read 😛😛✌🏻

  • Anjana Safar - ( Completed)
    9.5K 970 11

    A fanfiction on #vani. What happens when a fashion designer is stuck with the buisness tycoon in a strange island after a plane crash. The story focuses on twists and tales involved in the lives of these two which will eventually bring them together. 😃

  • The Grand Wedding
    36.5K 5K 42

    I thought of starting the new story As Bani and veer as humans we will see how the story goes... il try to keep it the best.

  • Love Rain 🌦☔🌈
    51.7K 8.5K 76

    Dedicated to Sharbhi and Pearbhi ❤ Two twin sisters falling in love and betrayed by their lovers....What will happen if destiny again puts them on the same book at some point of their lives...will they ever meet those two boys again and make the same mistake of falling in love Once again...or would they just plot a re...

  • broken Relation
    29K 2.9K 48

    in this story you can see bani who is madly in love with veer in collage time and veer who plays with bani heart veer is a play boy plays with everygirl heart but never take bad advantage of any girls veer who play with bani heart. what will happen when they meet after 5yrs their Distination bring both togethere will...

  • junooniyat
    24.3K 3.5K 37

    getting heartbreaking pain from her, being a dead soul due to his lust. her dreams related to love broken into pieces because of him, his heart broke by her broken by love and hat.e past returns back to take revenge can't find who's right who's wrong what's next? is there any chances for love anymore after so many hea...

  • Vampire Diaries.ft Vani✔
    10.8K 1.5K 29

    Bani,a sweet outgoing girl falls in love with Veer,a vampire....Veer also falls for her but he is hesitant to confess bcoz of his identity...will they be together despite the obstacles in their ...enjoy....give Ur love🖤🖤