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  • Who Killed Agatha? (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.)
    869K 43.2K 35

    Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the circumstances that lead her to the unlikeliest of people. ***** At 16, Agatha Mendoza was a very accomplished student. She was a well-kno...

  • The Last Quarantine
    586K 43.9K 69

    During the spread of the deadliest virus in 2054 Philippines, Santhy Gozon struggles to survive to reach the last quarantine. *** A sixteen-year-old student should be worrying about school, friends, girls, growing up-not battling the deadliest virus the world has ever seen, but Santhy doesn't exactly have a choice. Th...

  • Most Notorious Jerk
    295K 13.8K 55

    Stevan Quentin Davis, a college student well known for his bad reputation in Brooklyn, is dying. After years of fighting against acute myeloid leukemia, he gave up and just requested his mother to make an end-of-life choice for him-- to no longer take his medication but to let him fulfill his seven bucket list. And t...

    Completed   Mature