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  • Villain Tommy.
    2.8K 180 5

    What if Tommy's exile was never ment to hurt him and he was the traitor among l'manburg? Dream and Tommy were working together to destroy l'manburg. Tommy had a good reason. He wanted revenge for what they'd done to his family. Tommy was gonna be 'nightmare'. What if Tommy saved techno from being executed? (Comes lat...

  • Villain Tommy || MCYT || First stage of writing
    154 11 3

    What if Tommy was manipulated into becoming Dreams sidekick during the Exile arc? How would he overcome Dreams complete control over his mind? Cover - Not Permanent Title - Not Permanent Description - Not Sure

  • [ "MELOHI." ] - Villain-Tommy + Tubbo
    4.7K 206 4

    After a week passed on Tommy's exile, things start to go further, as Tubbo finds more about what happened to Tommy.

  • Massacre (villain Tommyinnit AU)
    91.3K 4.8K 26

    What if Tommy didn't stay with Techno? What if he just raided his house and left to go on his own again? What if Tommy finally snapped? What if he became Massacre. God of death. (The cover art is not my own, the art itself was drawn by Shipslots on Instagram)