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  • Any Shipping Oneshots!
    4.9K 218 22


  • A Wondrous World of Oneshots
    6.8K 224 19

    REQUESTS OPEN <3 I will write oneshots of various gaming YouTubers of your choosing and some I just feel like writing. Hope you enjoy!

  • Burgers, Shakes, and Mistakes
    285 19 3

    (On hold until the second nine weeks of my Freshman Year is over. I know people hate that, but high school just attacked me full force. This is set in effect as of 9/20/2015) Ohmwrecker has a lot going on in his life. Not only is he doing his best to send out videos on his YouTube channel, but he owns a diner in town...

  • The Familia. (ZeRoyalChaos TOS fanfiction)
    24.9K 1.7K 34

    Anthony is Mafioso turned God Father, and having to deal with all his problems. He isn't what the Mafia sees as ideal, and he is disconnected from the society in a very suspicious way. He has to keep hidden, find revenge, and win this game for those he lost. Everyone else along the way is just collateral damage, right...

  • Wicked (MaskedMexican)
    16.8K 828 41

    This is actually a spin off story off of Diabolic showing Ohm and Gassy's story so make sure to check Diabolic out~ A traitor on the loose, the pressure of missions, and the Sergeant OhmWrecker, Captain Gassy can't get more stressed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Directions,But a Road With No End
    1.9K 68 12

    Multitude Of Ships. I'm thinking SeaChaos,MaskedMexican,PewDieCry,MarkiMash,DaithiDeSepticEye,and perhaps I'll throw in a few suggestions,along with some OC ships. ((DAllistor included)) Whelp,scratch the earlier ships. I'll just be taking suggestions.

  • The Italian With The Nice Butt (RoyalChaos) *very slow updates*
    23.2K 789 4

    Ze has had feelings for Chilled for a long time, but he thinks Chilled doesn't feel the same way back. Will events that happened starting at E3 change that? Best title for a story ever btw

  • Slowly Falling// SeaMexican
    45.5K 1.8K 1

    *Prequel to Monster* The only reason for one to join the IRIS is because they have nothing left so, Max didn't expect to find everything he needed. *Thanks to Melon for the pictures on the cover

    Completed   Mature
  • Neighborly Gamers (MaskedMexican)
    1.9K 67 12

    Neighbors to Adam and Cathy, Anthony/Chilled, Steven/Ze, and Sark in their new home. Although one night in their new home is somewhat disastrous. I put it as mature for some violent scenes not because of any "intimate" scenes.

  • Sergeant (MaskedSeaMexican)
    6.6K 240 19

    This story is based off the game "The Hidden" will have Seamexican and MaskedMexican :3

  • #ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED)
    43.4K 1.1K 50

    Chilled just broke up with Jess. Will he find solace in his best friend, Ze, or something more? Highest ranking: #5 in ZeRoyalChaos (I believe)

  • Talk Nerdy To Me (On Hold)
    7.3K 497 20

    A gaming convention was the last place Aaron (UncleSlam) expected to find his old highschool crush after all these years. After Ohmwrecker runs into Aaron, he is forced to spend time with the man. After the day ends, he realizes how much the two have in common, how nice Aaron is and how much....he likes Aaron? Will...

  • Dance with the Devil - A CaptainSparklez FanFiction
    20.5K 908 22

    ❝I'm crazy, honey, can't you see? You're not man enough for me. Don't Dance With The Devil, If you can't take the heat.❞ Ashlyn Carrie Cooper had a bit of a dangerous past having to do with gambling and debt. After being chased by her old enemy Landon Allen Caster for almost a year, she manages to escape from him by s...

  • Every Moment (ZeRoyalMexican)
    13.7K 778 50

    Within the IRIS base a variety of all sorts of people reside. Ze and Chilled barely join as the first unofficial doctors and official researchers. Many secrets seem to lie in the base. Thought these two had good chemistry... So I went for it.

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love Isn't Always Instant. (Chinx AU) (COMPLETED)
    6.7K 431 33

    What happens if the one you loved was ripped away? What if he came back?

  • Adams Chesire Cat Smile (SeaMexican FF)
    28.3K 982 34

    Suddenly, as I sit with the guys, the mysterious smile from my last mission pops into my head. It was almost as if The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland was there. I look at my arm. where the hidden had marked me with an S. what could this mean?

  • Diabolic (SeaChaos)
    32.3K 1.2K 31

    Chilled Chaos works as a Corporal in a squad, although he doesn't seem to be who everyone thinks he is. Seananners just moves to the squad and finds Chilled an interesting person. (Based off of TTT) Just as a precaution I don't own the characters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Monster // Seamexican
    13.1K 628 1

    The Hidden AU Can Max protect Adam? That's the question Max isn't even sure of for himself.

  • Ohm x minx (a week together)
    31.2K 967 34

    along with the main ship ohminx (Ohm X Minx) There's a bit of Chinx (Chilled X Minx) in the beginning, ZeRoyalChaos (Ze x Chilled) and Dentoan (Dlive X Entoan). I will try to focus on Ohminx, but some of the other ships will be visable. Basically, Dlive, Entoan, Ze, Chilled, Ohm and Minx are all scheduled to go to a g...