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  • 🐬 The Orca Awards 🐬
    3.5K 251 11

    🌊 ( Open ✔️ ) ( Judging ✔️ ) ( Closed ) 🌊 [ HISTORICAL, SCI-FI, SHORT STORY, FAN FIC, ACTION, FANTASY, WEREWOLF, VAMPIRE entries are available! ^^ ] Do you want to try out a unique awards and see how much we love your ideas and dialogues? Do you want the results to be accurate? You've come to the right place!! #...

  • The Splendiferous Awards
    3.2K 254 13

    Welcome to the very first edition of Splendiferous Awards✨ OPEN (🦋) JUDGING ( ) CLOSED ( ) If you are looking for just another awards to gain recognition and win prizes; you just reached the right place. Come on, join us✨ *PARTICIPANTS & JUDGES needed*

  • The Mind-Blowing Awards!
    4.2K 329 24

    ○ Open ● Judging ○ Closed ENTRIES ONLY OPEN FOR GRAPHIC PORTFOLIOS/SHOPS Welcome to the first (and probably the only) edition of 'The Mind-Blowing Awards!' mind-blowing: /ˈmʌɪndbləʊɪŋ/ adjective overwhelmingly impressive.

  • Ultimate Writers Awards 2020
    4.9K 247 15

    Open [ ] Judging [★] Closed [ ] Welcome to our very first Ultimate Writers Award! Our main aim is to spotlight unique undiscovered authors.

  • The Fireworks Awards || Closed
    7.7K 402 44

    [] open for contestants and judges [] judging [✨] closed Awards for you to join and get the recognition you deserve. We're open-minded and friendly, everyone is welcomed, no matter if you are a newbie or pro writer. Collab with @softyhartz

  • Gemstone Awards 2020
    5.5K 548 19

    No fear, cause the Gemstone Awards are here!! ( Drumroll) Open. [❌] Closed [💎] Judging [💎] Finished [❌] Hello Folks, Gemstone Awards in your Area. A new award just like any other yet very unique from the others. Excited to know more? Enter now. More details available in the book.

  • The JoRa Awards 2020
    5.9K 429 43

    Open [✔] Closed [✔] Judging [✔] Hello Dear Wattpad Writers I by the name of Cara proudly present you with The JoRa Awards. I organised this platform so that you fellow Wattpad Writers can showcase your talent. Increase your reads and get the appreciation you deserve. Various categories will be open. Stay tuned with t...

  • The Summer Fiesta Awards 2020!!!
    9K 743 30

    The hard work and skills of every writer need a recognization and appreciation... So here we are with a small initiative. N token of love for every budding writer. So what R U waiting for??!! U R of course at the right place. So hereby we announce the first-ever Summer Fiesta Award's 2020!!! Open (✖) Judging (✔) Clo...

  • The Spring Awards 2020 [ANNOUNCING RESULTS]
    13.6K 731 26

    OPEN [] JUDGING[✔] CLOSED[] ON HIATUS[] Welcome to the third Spring Awards! The Spring Awards 2020 and The Spring Awards Community would like to welcome you to another fun-filled year of awards!! The Spring Awards has been very successful for the past two years with a lot of participants and winners! Here's to hoping...

  • The Elixir Awards✨ | TEC
    7.9K 373 12

    *CLOSED FOR ENTRIES* An awards for selective genres. open judging (💥) closed (💥)

  • Summer Awards || JUDGING
    6K 355 24

    CLOSED FOR JUDGING! Awards hosted by me for the undiscovered books to give them the recognition they deserve. Hop in and get a chance to win something, you won't return empty-handed. :) Cover: @graphicallykiara

  • The Avalon Awards 2020 [JUDGING]
    6.7K 515 25

    Welcome to The Avalon Awards Contest, 2020! [ ] Accepting Entries [ X ] Judging [ ] Closed

  • Ruby Novel Awards
    2.6K 175 13

    We want to recognize books for the gems that they are. _________________________________________ The Romance Contest is now closed and in judging! Round two results will be posted MAY 1, 2020! The Werewolf Contest will open on APRIL 25, 2020 for submissions!

  • The Belle Amé Awards 2020 [CLOSED]
    13.5K 740 28

    Welcome to The Belle Amé Awards! This is for all the undiscovered authors whose works deserve to be recognised! If you think you have what it takes why not have a go and take your chances at winning in your category? Good luck my Belle Amés!! (Belle Amé = Beautiful Soul) OPEN [❌] CLOSED [✔️]