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  • all that. { Ronnie Devoe Story }
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    Justice Daymond is finally in her fourth year of college and she's sick and tired of school. She majors in dance because that is her passion and she wants to be on tour. She has been in dance for all of her time in college and she really loves her dance teacher because she brings our many opportunities for her. One da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadow (Michael Jackson)
    59K 3.4K 33

    "Just keep calling me what you've been calling me," he answered. "I like the name 'Shadow'. It's extremely unique." *** Kylan Rhodes is the daughter of the late Jeremiah Rhodes, head of the Diamond Bullet gang. He'd been killed in a face off with the leader of the rivaling gang, the Blue Wolves. Kylan's father never p...

  • N.W.A Imagines
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    N.W.A is Eazy E,Dr.Dre,MC Ren,Ice Cube and DJ Yella.If you want an imagine with any of them,just let me know! © 2016 by UrbanxPrincess

  • Call Me "Daddy"
    22.7K 813 25

    In 1988, Michael Jackson is on his Bad tour, but is a very lonely man. So one day, he decides to adopt two girls he meets at the orphanage...

  • Together forever.
    30.6K 1.1K 59

    Jamie is just an average girl who is in love with her childhood best friend Michael Jackson. They're parents are best good friends but Michael left to visit the rest of his family and live with them. A few . later Michael comes to her and is in love with her too . Will their love for each other last or will it fade aw...

  • The Boy With The Fedora (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction) (ON HOLD)
    9.8K 437 12

    Copyright © 2016 by 100kitty All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission in writing from publisher. _________________________________________________________ Before you read this, know by "GANGSTER" I mean like those that wea...

  • I Could Fall In Love (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)
    458K 22.3K 200

    This is the very first fanfiction I ever wrote and I started it in 2011. You'll probably notice my writing style was a tad different because this was my first fanfiction. This story is 200 chapters..yes lol..200 chapters and I promise you've never witnessed drama until you've witnessed Jazmyne and Michael drama. I hop...

  • In This Cruel World
    2.5K 129 12

    Ashley and Michael have been best friends since they were 2 years old. When they were 10, Ashley moved away. Michael was devastated. Michael was certain he would never be able to see his best friend again. Then when Michael and his family moved to Hayvenhurst, he sees Ashley again. However, Ashley has a new guy in her...

  • When We Were Younger...(Book Two)
    6.3K 442 17

    Second book of the 'When We Were Younger...' series. {Off The Wall - Thriller Era}

  • 𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑜𝑛 𝐽𝑎𝑐𝑘𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑒𝑠
    717 33 5

    Marlon doesn't really get the recognition he deserves and he's my baby so why not make an imagines book about him 😌✨ these are gonna be some smuts and some sad imagines and some fluff and I hopeee y'all like this book 🖤

  • 𝕁𝟝 𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕤 {𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤}
    9.7K 533 98

    These are a bunch of (fanfic)stories that include the J5. ⚠️ Explicit language ⚠️ WARNING, SOME OF THESE IMAGINES ARE TRIGGERING⚠️

  • Teacher Crush
    60.7K 1.4K 55

    Olivia, an 18 year old girl from New York City, is forced to move to Ohio when her mother, Rosie, gets a new job. It is January, the middle of the school year, and Olivia must attempt to fit in. When she has no luck making any real friends, she turns to the one person whose been the most welcoming since the moment she...

  • Fate (Michael Jackson Fanfiction)
    2.5K 61 27

    Michael Jackson and his wife Adrianna Diaz are both going through hardships in life. They both take care of the family, her at home and him at work. The misunderstanding between the two that their struggles are worse than the other leads them to a divorce. If there is no understanding in a marriage, it just doesn't w...

  • His Only❤
    195K 4.4K 48

    Read to find out

    328K 8.6K 56

    BlueFace Bleed Em (the first BlueFace book ‼️) ⚠️WARNING!⚠️ Explicit Content & Strong Language.

  • Summer 79' | MJ Fanfic
    32.2K 2.7K 42

    Who knew a kiss would lead to a Summer like this.

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsession (Michael Jackson fan fiction)
    59.1K 1.9K 53

    After getting the opportunity of a lifetime working closely with her childhood idol Michael Jackson, 19 year old Paige Dawson is on cloud nine, until emotions start getting the better of her. An soon learns that business an pleasure don't always mix This is a Michael Jackson fan fiction an is set around the thriller e...

  • babysitter. (xxxtentacion)
    115K 6.3K 38

    " oh that's just Jahseh" " who's that is that your imaginary friend or something" I said panicked " no it's my brother" " BROTHER!!"

  • CPR
    42.7K 1.9K 43

    Aaliyah who is a student by day and a waitress by night gets offered a job as her brother assistant. She takes the job and gives up on everything back home to chase her dreams. With her new fresh start she decides to open up more and let her guard down when she meets Playboi Carti. With this career switch what's in st...

    Completed   Mature
  • lil 14/Trippie Redd
    29.2K 745 29

    It's been so long since we looked at each other. "Hey lil babe'' he came up to me gripping my hips smiling. All I wanted right now was his thin lips brushing up against mine. Trippie redd fanfiction.(Not Completed)

    182K 9.8K 54

    UPDATE: if you're new and came to read with positive energy thank you......enjoy Contains: harsh language, sexual content, drug/alcohol use etc....

    Completed   Mature
  • First Daughter-NBA Youngboy
    687K 29.7K 55

    "My life changed when I had my first daughter." * Aliyah's life had been flipped upside down in a matter of hours. It wasn't meant for her to be at that party. She wasn't supposed to get high, nor have sex with one of the most well known rappers in her city. Nine months later, she finds herself in a tangle of motherho...

  • (18+) Only a boy
    25.9K 2.6K 80

    This story is written to show how you can survive a rough childhood and still grow up to be a strong and loving adult. But it's difficult to tell how wrong things can turn out well, without telling the part that actually is wrong. And the purpose of this story is to highlight how horrible abuse and racism is, and how...

  • 90's Luv • YNW Melly
    9.2K 369 11

    Madeline and Jamell live two completely different lives. This story is based in the late 80s, and 90s. That means no phones yet, no social media. 😊 (completed)

  • best friends brother (trippie redd)
    60.4K 1.3K 61

    read and find out 😌 (warning contains smut)

    155K 5.9K 33

    COMPLETED✅ | @SeveraWrites Did My Cover!🤩 | Not edited⚠️

  • Life Is Short
    63.6K 2.8K 33

    Sometimes bonds and relationships are formed with the people you least expect it from. Things can happen so fast, changing ones life in an instant, forcing us to adapt. We're only here for so long and everything isn't always what it seems. Will we ever be ready?

  • You won't bully me for long ~Nba youngboy
    170K 6K 38

    Read cause y'all know my stories be fye❤️❤️

  • The babysitter (xxxtentacion)
    342K 12.7K 27

    Your mom and her friend is going out of town for 2 months. You we're ask to watch your moms friend son until she gets back. Turns out her little son also haves a older brother name jahseh