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  • |Equivalent Exchange| Teru.M × reader|
    49.2K 2K 26

    the schools infamous Prince and princess in the same room, steps apart, it was bound to bring nosebleeds....the two were well known stars they were almost models-! But from the view of teru it was hunter and pray, Exorcist and ghost. That's how it always would be, it was the very knowledge engraved into Teru's being...

  • ribbon of fate { jshk x reader } - [ COMPLETE ]
    74.4K 2.9K 20

    on the night two lifeless bodies were found in the yugi household, (y/n) yugi, the female triplet of tsukasa and amane, hung herself with two black ribbons in the music room of kamome gakuen. her story quickly spread as the tale of 'mystery no. 8, jisatsu-san of the music room' with the help of sakura nanamine. but...

  • love; 愛 // minamoto. t.
    91.6K 3.9K 49

    "Fuck that guy. You're mine. And mine alone." It was her first time hearing him swear. She stared at him blankly. "You have a bad mouth..." she deadpanned. He couldn't help but groan at her aloofness. a slowburn romance between a supernatural and an exorcist ❦ Minamoto Teru x Reaper! OC MANGA SPOILERS!! ➪ Completed! ...

  • The Life Not Worth Living (HaikyuuxReader)
    161K 5.9K 51

    (Y/N) (L/N) the girl who's done nothing but suffer and live a life that's no longer worth living. So why right when she's about to end it all, right when she thinks she can free herself from all her troubles. Did she meet four first years that remind her so much of four people she hoped to see in the afterlife? Warni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Haikyuu!! and You
    582K 19.9K 51

    {COMPLETED} You're Udai Tenma's little sister. After returning to Sendai (aka Miyagi Prefecture) in order to learn why your brother loved volleyball so much, many new experiences await you.

  • Fight or Flight [BNHA x reader]
    20.7K 1.1K 29

    Everyone grew up knowing exactly what kind of hero they wanted to be, they all had someone like All Might to look up to but not (Name) so when she joins UA, her goal is more than just being number 1. Through her trials of living, being a teenage girl, and dealing with the abnormalities of a quirk filled life, she is g...

  • the new manager (Reader x Haikyuu! Various)
    881K 31.5K 61

    (Reader x Haikyuu! Various) After the death of your father, your mother threw herself into her work to try and move on with her life. In the process, she had left you a written note from her and a letter of enrolment into a high school. You decided it was time to throw yourself into your studies, but something else wa...

  • Reincarnated: A Bunny to A Lion
    781K 33.4K 100

    Being reincarnated is something nobody ever expects, let alone into a world that shouldn't exist. When a child from our world is reborn as Hinata Hyuga, she decided to get off of her ass and give her shot at being a hero. When you have too much knowledge and too much time, the only option is to train and become strong...