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  • Gateway To Devastation
    123 10 1

    When you face serious impediments while following the trail to your aim, the only way to pass is to get rid of them. Even if the 'only way' involves matricide. © cigarettestans || 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • Oeuvres
    266 19 13

    Microstory, one-shot, flash fiction... Whatever you call these snacks in a box is exactly what you'll find in this book. It is my hope that these will spark ideas for your next writing piece. Enjoy and don't forget to leave votes! Contains: - Original one-shots - Contest entries - Fanfics

  • Whiskey Story Shots
    1.1K 160 30

    This is a collection of short stories, story ideas, and writing competition entries. I hope you enjoy!

  • The Twists As The Story Turns
    1.5K 227 27

    A collection of engaging short stories to entice your senses. This is where my official contest entries reside. ------------- ❤️Winner for the #coffeebrewstories contest by @ChickLit ❤️Winner for the Awkward Press Statement by @sport ❤️Second place in #summersurprises contest by @flashfic and @WattpadRowling ❤️Hono...

  • Sudden Fiction
    628 114 35

    This is a multi-genre collection of flash fiction for people who love to read short & satisfying one-shots. These stories are meant to touch your heart and make you feel. The work of pure fiction, each story in this collection tries to relay a message for those who know how to read between the lines. I have tried to l...

  • Ocean's Planet
    18 0 1

    This is for a contest submission. I have chosen prompt 1 to continue. Enjoy.

  • Voyagers of Time
    60 5 3

    No matter what season, generation, era, or time, people journey and seek their purpose in life. We travel to find a world where there's tranquility - a place where we can reside liberatingly like any other. In this world we live in, it seems hopeless, but what if there are worlds beyond our world? What if we can liv...

  • Unnatural Life
    26 3 1

    People were happily living together with androids who were their maids, helpers, assistants, friends, and much more. The world developed a lot with the help of living machines. Until one and more of them had an error in their system and behaved against the people. They were committing crimes, terrorized the streets, a...

  • What Lies Beneath
    22 1 1

    After the surface world was destroyed she wakes up in a dark and wet environment only to find out she is not alone. A short 300-word story for the "and then" contest.

  • Shortz
    1K 162 20

    A collection of short prompts, poems, flash fiction etc. written for contests.

  • The Gadrian Chronicles | "And Then..."
    28 4 1

    A teen from the 30th century is exiled into a forbidden star as punishment for a crime committed with his mother in his childhood city. The sole mercy for an exile in Gadra is death. This story was written for Wattpad Fantasy's "And Then" Contest (October 2020). ⚜️ Honorable Mention Winner in Wattpad Fantasy's "And T...