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  • Sarafina De Luca
    848K 19.5K 46

    Sara also know as Sarafina De Luca was born in the family in the Mafia world. What will happen if the parents give her up at the age of 2 for her own safety? Will she survive? What happens when she finds out she has five older brothers after 14 years of her life? Will she be the cute, innocent girl they once knew? Wh...

  • The Pizza Palace Incident
    156K 11 1

    Harper Williams is just trying to get through high school, drawing as minimal attention as possible to herself. But it's kind of hard to avoid all the drama when you're a clumsy marvel crackhead who dumps pizza sauce and gooey sticky cheese all over the schools most popular douchebag, Ajax Carter. Her world turns upsi...

  • The Preston Playboys
    487K 18.2K 29

    I think that sometimes the universe likes to play sick jokes on people. Like sometimes you drop the ice cream you've been craving on the floor before you're able to get a bite or you crack the screen of your brand new cell phone. Or sometimes you get the first detention of your life on the same day your middle school...