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  • Uniques
    262 13 4

    Gaia, Triton, Hestian, and Aethera were each born with a special ability. Combined, their powers are strong enough to ensure that the entire population could live in comfort. However, the country of Rae sees anyone with supernatural powers as a threat. For centuries, the Uniques have been hunted down and killed withou...

  • Cry of the Mer
    6.5K 287 37

    Katherine Waters has several goals on her list. Graduate high school, get accepted into an advanced photography course, add another ten meters to her personal free-diving and deep-water diving records respectively. Waking up in the stark, sterile environment of an underground lab, part of a secret and illegal experime...

  • Cry of the Mer Extras
    87 1 7

    Just extra one-shots and scenes from the Cry of the Mer universe. Most are things I wrote on my phone while at work over the summer, so they aren't quite as cleanly written or edited, but it will all be looks into the characters' pasts, chapters from the books from different points of views, or just non-canon scenes w...

  • Heart of a Mer
    4.8K 181 68

    Sequel to Cry of the Mer. Having left the Lemuria Institution - where so many horrors occured - far behind, Katie and Luna couldn't be more relieved to be free of the torment that still haunts their dreams. But they're far from at peace. Struggling with the onslaught of Post-Traumatic nightmares and stress, they both...

  • Getting The Karma They Deserve
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    In any book, there will be characters we hate or characters who have different morals than we do. There are characters who make choices that would be seen in a poor light in social standards, even if the characters making them don't view them that way. Sometimes we want to punish characters for their wrongdoings. This...