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  • New Kitten in town
    1.3K 40 5

    Marinette was too late Adrien found a lover and her New Crush Luka found a lover as well she was so hurt that Alya and Nino try everything to cheer her up until a new classmate came around along having a new cat in town so read to find out who is this new Classmate and and who's the new cat in town

  • You're My Escape From Everyone Else {Chlonette}
    442 19 1

    I wrote this because for some weird reason I ship Chlonette. Besides, after watching Miracle Queen I think we all need a little 'good girl Chloe' right now, don't ya think?

  • Chloenette love story:The ,,shy" girl and the queen bee
    111K 3K 22

    In a world where Marinette Dupain-Cheng falls in love with her bully and the so called queen bee of the school named Chloe Bourgeoius.But there's a catch ,Marinette is not who she seems to be,she has a secret that only her family and two of her friends know. Will a project change everything? Note:Marinette g!p AU a...

  • The Oneshot Book Of Aphid And Cat Furry
    11.4K 340 16

    Hey this is a bunch of oneshots for the fandom The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir (Honestly i always just call it tales of aphid and cat furry so not sure if thats right) also I'll have you know There Will Be Absolutely No And I Mean NO Adrienette Sorry I'm a salty bitch cant have me following the majority...

  • The War Against Depression
    104K 2.6K 24

    False Rumors, lies, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and loneliness are all things that have caused Marinette's war against depression.. "How did it start" you may be wondering, well it all started with one simple lie... ---------------------------------------------------------------- This story takes place before sea...

  • Chloe bourgeois secret (A Chloenette Fanfiction)
    1K 30 4

    Chloes secret will be revealed and a new bond will grow between to girls in the school (a LGBTQ+ fanfiction)

  • My Escape: A Chloenette Fanfiction
    34K 1.2K 16

    Chloé Bourgeois is the Parisian mayor's daughter and a huge admirer of the city's superhero Ladybug. She admires the spotted-superhero from afar until she receives the Bee Miraculous and begins to work alongside her idol as Queen Bee. Marinette, the girl beneath the spotted mask, inspires change in the (previously cru...

  • Birthday ☆Chloenette → Miraculous Fanfic.
    2.2K 168 11

    It's my birthday... The day momma disappeared. I can't believe I remembered this day. Diary tell me, when will I forget? When will I feel numb with happiness again? When will daddy be happy again? Wait... Why should I forget? [• Miraculous AU •] - In which Ladybug finds a lost fluffy diary while after detransfo...

  • A chloenette story (Miraculous Ladybug)
    15.1K 411 6

    This is a Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction. Chloe thought she liked Adrien. She knew that little miss Dupain-Cheng liked him as well. That's how their rivalry began in the first place. Why didn't she feel the need to make fun of Marinette like she used to? Why didn't she feel the need to flirt with Adrien all the time? W...

  • From my bully to my bae [ chloenette]
    31K 691 15

    Chloe realized why she was always so harsh on marinette, it's because she has a crush on her. Will marinette feel the same?

  • Right When I Saw You | Lukadrien
    40.9K 1.4K 27

    Luka Couffaine is starting his new life at his temporary new school. And honestly, he expected time to fly by as fast as lightning while he was staying there. However, while he stays there he meets a certain someone, Adrien Agreste, who captures his attention during his stay. Luka attempts to fight with his new-found...

  • The Light in my Life (Chloenette)
    15.6K 558 14

    When it's Chloe's first day back at her old school her eyes immediately wander to Marinette. After awhile of staring she realizes that Adrien is there, and Marinette is talking to Adrien! But why does that matter... Why does she feel... Jealous? This book does contain some LGBTQ+. If you don't support them then d...

  • Oh wow...SPORTS (Lumity Oneshots)
    16.8K 496 17

    Lumity Oneshots, thats it.

  • The Freezing Mainland (Lumity/the owl house fanfiction)
    2.2K 182 7

    •Season [1] and [2] •Lumity •Did you like the beta version of this one? It was all just a rough sketch about the idea of it all so it had terrible writing to begin with. Add up the fact that nobody was specifically the one in charge about it. •After getting a specific answer on what readers wanted to see more on this...

  • Transparent Love
    4.4K 272 14

    People always say the afterlife is mysterious and unthinkable. Who know's what is possible after you die. Anything could happen. Amity Blight died young. She was judged and given and eternal punishment in the form of a gift. She never fully passed on. She was forced to stay on the Boling Isles in a partial state of de...

  • Before The Titan Fell- An Owl House story
    318 20 5

    While exploring the beach near The Owl House, Luz finds a magic mirror in the sand. A mirror, that when catches a reflection of her glyphs, takes her back in time. To a time before the titan. As she experiences the forgotten history, a powerful witch searches for his lost mirror

  • Emperor owl
    65 5 4

    This story that follow a couple Aus. One owl mama au. swamp au and half witch. in this story amity and her mother lillh and her siblings go to boiling Isles so amity and her siblings can understand their witch half.

  • Drummer and singer Luz Noceda au
    1.9K 79 8

    What if Luz actually has some friends back in the human realm that nobody knew of. What if Luz was a part of a popular band known world wide and but nobody knew who the Lead singer/drummer was because they wore a mask. What if Luz WAS that certain lead singer/drummer and could also play the piano. What if Camilia neve...

  • Lumity (sibling AU)
    4.5K 89 7

    Owo first story that I'm writing and it's 1 in The morning...hell yeah. So basically this is an AU where all the different Luz, amity, ect are siblings. Like beta amity, pilot amity, and regular amity + twins and beta twins. If u don't know what the pilot and beta versions are I recommend looking them up for context...

  • Family Found
    311 17 1

    This story takes place in the same AU and timeline as "Here to Help" and will mainly be formatted as a series of one-shots. These shorts can be read independent of "Here to Help" but contain spoilers and serve to build out the AU a bit more. I will mainly be focusing on Amity and Lilith's dynamic but will also be pe...

  • You Belong With Me (Completed)
    8.8K 454 10

    Amity is crushing hard on her bestfriend Luz. Too bad Luz is already dating the head cheerleader and is completely oblivious to her best friends feelings. Will Amity be able to lure Luz out of her toxic relationship, or will Luz be kept under her girlfriend's spell? Contains: - a healthy Boscha and Amity friendship ...

  • The Bad Seed (Boschlow Fanfic) (Cover art belongs to me)
    3.2K 92 8

    Rivalry, Hatred, Demise, that is what Willow Park and Boscha Victors was known for, the way they felt for each other was like poison Ivy, painful and thriving if you touch it, like a burning flame, or, that was how it seemed... But what happens when a certain plant witch and her friends uncover the truth, the reason...

  • Light Don't Go (Lumity Fanfic, Human World Au)
    67 6 1

    "Oh, you're the girl who caused this mess. You're quite the diliqient". Luz furrowed her brow at the word. "I have no idea what the heck that means, but actually, I'm Luz!" Amity turned away, uninterested. "Good for you then, Luz". Luz smiled broadly. "I know, having a name is AWESOME, especially since it's Spanish...

  • The human realm
    4.3K 203 13

    when luz noceda a witch from the boiling isles is cast out for being too abnormal she finds herself running away farther ans farther away from her home until she falls into a world unlike her own

  • Owl Descendants
    3.8K 193 11

    One day at the Isle of Bonesborough, Luz Noceda is turning 18 and is in the line to be the next queen of Bonesborough. Before she turns 18, she has one wish she wants, which is to let 4 kids from the Conformatourium come to Bonesborough and attend Hexside. She chooses Gus, the son of Cruella De Vil, Emira and Edric, t...

  • Escape // Lumity
    14.3K 534 14

    When Luz manages to succeed in saving Eda from the Emperor, her life goes back to normal for a little while. With Amity being absent from all the action, what with her broken foot being in the way, Luz decides to focus her attention and tend to her friend. It was only then she found out a new problem: Amity's life at...

  • Bring me to the home I adore
    2K 51 16

    Read to find out. The original preview in had exceeded the word limit so I have to post it as the first chapter. So the preview your looking for is in the first chapter

  • Come Home With Me - Lumity
    12.3K 463 23

    When Luz returns to the Boiling Isles, her feelings towards her best friend, top student Amity Blight, haven't changed. But both are too afraid to confess. In an attempt to get closer to her best friend, Luz takes her to explore the wonders of the human realm. But things aren't as they seem, and there is someone, some...

  • Salty and Sweet -The Owl House Lumity fanfic
    2.3K 130 8

    Cover by me! Family issues can lead to problems. A 16 year old girl named Luz Noceda runs away after her parents when they get in a bigger fight than usual. She comes across a portal that leads her to the demon realm and to some new friends. The first friends she has made ever since that day... When Luz meets a certa...

  • A Witch's Light- Lumity Fanfiction
    337 25 6

    Lillith has been teaching Luz to make her first spellbook. Meanwhile, Amity has been injured, stuck in a home with a family that's starting to notice her lackluster performances. When a startling incident strips the Boiling Iles of all normalcy, it's up to a young witch and human girl to restore order and take a stand.