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  • 101 Ways To Kill With A Pencil
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    Disclaimer: look, don't actually kill anyone, okay? even if u really want to. i don't want to go to jail/gaol/prison/juvenile centre/whatever-it's-called because of this, because I'm just an innocent little kid! Okay, okay, serious now. Don't kill someone with a pencil. I'd think that'd be pretty obvious. lol idk if i...

  • Doppio Appreciation Book
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    He babey

  • Jojo images you may or may not need
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    So uh, It's 2:30am and I'm bored ⚠️None of these are mine btw, and also BIG SPOILERS AHEADDDD⚠️

  • Lewds and nudes and other kind of good shit.
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    All is welcome. Boys. Girls. Aliens. ('Cause I'm an alien and so is Mikitaka but I'm a better alien than Mikitaka.) This is kind of a Roleplay(?) I guess. No furries though. They're annoying. Yes, skinny Padre is the on the cover. Good job on your diet, dad.

  • La Squadra Goes To School
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    After going broke La Squadra, is offered the opportunity to teach at a high school owned by Diavolo.

  • Child Neglect With Kira Yoshikage
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    Every Sunday popular tik toker Kira Yoshikage streams on Twitch.

  • Tax Evasion With Melone
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    Melone steals Risotto's credit card and spends thousands of dollars on body pillows as a result La Squadra is arrested after attempting tax evasion. *Nobody died A.U also Passione is on break*

  • Tax Fraud With Risotto
    4.4K 175 18

    Rissoto commits Tax Fraud along with getting into some other antics. *Sequel to Tax Evasion With Melone*

  • The Religion of Body Pillow Melone
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    This is a religion for all fellow Body Pillow Melone fans to worship our beloved god, Bodypillow Melone. :3 *This is not serious, it is obviously a joke*

  • Make America Dojyaaan Again (Valentine 2020)
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    Every saturday at 4:20 PM or AM (depending on the situation), Funny Valentine breaks into houses of his rivals and possibly kidnapps them to make America Dojyaaan again. *Vote for Funny Valentine 2020*

  • Dio is a slut
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    I made a 4 paragraph essay

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    Imagine this book is the only proof that humanity existed Man... Aliens would be glad that we've disappeared