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  • chaelisa oneshots
    44.7K 1K 15

    chaelisa oneshots bc honestly who doesn't love some good old chaelisa? no one, duh you're welcome

  • One More Time - Chaelisa
    3.9K 399 22

    First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... wait, what? Follow the lives of Lisa and Rosie as they struggle with their pending careers, overbearing family, a naughty pet and a crucial decision that may put their young marriage on the line. This book follows up the story of "Once Again" but can be read separa...

  • Confessions (Chaelisa)
    71K 3.1K 14

    Park Chaeyoung is at church every Sunday with a big secret and a lot of feelings. Lalisa Manoban is out and proud with a big secret and a lot of feelings.

  • The World I Know // jensoo
    15.9K 689 8

    "Farewell, to the world I know." THIS IS A CONVERTED FIC. ALL CREDITS GOES TO THE ORIGINAL WRITER. Originally written by YeYeah on SSF / @yeyeah_babo on Twitter

  • A Business of the Heart (Chaelisa convert)
    31.6K 2.1K 17

    Lisa Manoban inherited her family company after her parents passed away, however, in order for Lisa to have total control of her company she has to be married. The solution? Her best friend Chaeyoung proposes to be her wife so Lisa can have the control back. Chaeyoung and Lisa will fullfill the terms of the contract s...

    Completed   Mature
  • if you cry out i'll be there now (chaelisa)
    1.3K 85 2

    The unnamed statue in front Chaeyoung's is a mystery she's determined to solve. Based on a prompt: "AU where there's this statue of a legendary warrior and stateswoman in front of Chaeyoung's college and one night, while out partying with her friends she gets a little tipsy and they dare her to kiss the statue and wh...

  • Summer Flowers | Chaelisa
    5K 411 10

    (Completed) Chaeyoung overthinks about flower meanings and love, and Lisa is a little bit messed up.

  • regardless | samo
    142 14 3

    a recollection spin-off. "you look like the epitome of a 1975 song" -minatozaki sana

  • Wait For Me - Chaelisa
    28.6K 2.2K 24

    She was real. She was warm and soft and alive beneath her fingers. She was...Chaeyoung. Lisa x Roseanne (F/F) This is an adapted book, all credits go to the original author. Warning: This adaptation includes G!P/Futa - DO NOT READ if it's not your thing.

    Completed   Mature
  • Carry Me To Bed [Chaelisa]
    1K 97 1

    chaelisa converted one shot. original story by @ moviegeek120

  • Once Again - Chaelisa
    4.9K 344 7

    Lisa said 'Hi' and held out her hand, ready to introduce herself. And then her hand simply fell away. There were no introductions necessary. Lisa knew exactly who the woman she'd hired to be her date was... Lisa x Rosie (F/F) This is an adapted story, all credits go to the original author (Natasha West).

  • the city they became / jirose
    1.4K 112 5

    In the winter of 2008, Chaeyoung and Jimin wishes upon a dragonfly. Eight years later, it dies. ➛ jirose ➛ 12 years span ➛ angst, yay!

  • Freedom | Chaelisa
    55.7K 2.7K 31

    Follow the bittersweet love unfold between two young hearts as highschool student Lisa spends her summer holidays on the west coast of South island in New Zealand. Her ordinary days were not so ordinary anymore when a particular girl entered her life, making her each day special and magical but every spring has an Aut...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Governess | Chaelisa
    3.7K 312 14

    Determined to broaden her horizons, whilst also helping out her family financially for the first time in her life, Lisa Manoban takes up a job as governess to the Park household. - A Chaelisa AU set in the 1800's - (Inspired by and loosely based on the novel Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë)

  • Doodles And Drawings, Oh My!
    1.4K 157 1

    Rosé thought the whole soulmate thing was bogus, considering the universe happened to match her up with the most immature person on Earth. Lisa, knowing that her drawings would be etched on her soulmate's skin, had a habit of drawing inappropriate and silly phrases and pictures to purposely annoy them. Or a soulmate A...

  • it's me; jensoo
    52.2K 2.3K 21

    "who are you?", said Jisoo. "it's me", Jennie blinked and a tear fell in her eye.

  • BLOSSOMS | JENSOO [discontinued]
    45.7K 2K 31

    in which jisoo works at a hotel, and jennie is not like any other guest. ⓒ choicevevo 2018. started on 041518 | thank you for all the love and support!

  • it's you; jensoo
    231K 9.9K 49

    After 2 years, Jisoo returned. She went to their village's park and sat down to the tree like she used to. Then there came a girl talking someone on her phone. Jisoo recognized that voice. "It's you." Jisoo whispered. started: Feb 21, 2018 completed: Aug 08, 2018

  • Letter Go | Jensoo
    43.3K 2.4K 12

    A series of letters that say the words Jisoo may never say. ••• "This is the first letter. In case my last words aren't enough."

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Love Story - Chaesoo
    43K 2.3K 21

    Rosé and Jisoo met in Paris under the worst circumstances. However, as time passed by, the two started to forget their worries, letting a strong feeling blossom between them... #completed

  • blackpink oneshots
    315K 7K 143

    oneshots based off of your four favorite crackheads :))) mostly chaelisa, jensoo, and jenlisa, but i'll gladly take any requests, just leave a comment :) some of these are my favorite oneshots that i converted into bp ships :))) not all of them tho!! :)) highest rank: #1 under chaelisa #10...

  • too young to be so scared || lisoo
    1.9K 118 6

    Kim Jisoo befriends the newest student at YG High, but there's something about the new girl that draws Jisoo in, and she can't seem to get enough of her.

  • cliché - chaennie.
    114K 3.9K 24

    "i'm so fucking scared." - jennie "you make me feel like nobody's made me feel before." - rosé a chaennie story. [ will become mature ]

  • Miss Park
    210K 11.2K 95

    "I know that our relationship is wrong... but it feels so right" ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕒

    Completed   Mature
  • Softie | k.jn + k.js
    23.4K 1K 8

    All her life, Jisoo has struggled to accept herself. CONVERTED: originally written by skywarrior108 on ao3 warning: g!p jisoo ps.: just made minor changes to fit in the story Published: May 13, 2019 Completed: May 25, 2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Two | jensoo
    58.4K 2.7K 20

    Jisoo has a second chance with her unrequited high school crush. Can she make it work this time around? jensoo being the cutest dorks FLUFF NO ANGST originally written by ©maria1299 5/2/19

  • The Favour (Jensoo)
    31.7K 941 6

    Jennie has been on a date with Kim Jongin, the hot guy from the campus library. The date doesn't end well because Jennie has a problem. Jennie needs help and she asks her best friend Jisoo for a big favour. Jisoo hesitates because it's a big deal, but Jennie is her best friend and she just can't say no. Converted Orig...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Kissing Game (Jensoo)
    25.6K 1.1K 7

    The Kissing Game is a known game around people of Jennie's and Jisoo's age. Jisoo has to kiss Jennie and then hide. Jennie has to find and kiss Jisoo. Converted Short story Original by fawxhawk21

    Completed   Mature
  • Conversations Are Secrets That I Keep
    101K 4.8K 31

    Love might also spur out from good old conversations.

  • Hell's Angel | Chaelisa
    12.3K 704 6

    A foreign delinquent in town to corrupt it's Goody two shoes girl. Its cliché af. Jus sayin.