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  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    62.7M 1.2M 74

    Imogen Harrison has been dating campus heartthrob Parker Yapchengco. But no one knows about it. Bagaman pumayag si Imogen na ilihim nila ni Parker ang kanilang relasyon ay hindi nawawala ang kanyang mga agam-agam tungkol dito. Buti na lang at madalas siyang damayan ni Shiloah Suarez, ang bagong transferee sa kanilang...

  • Just The Strings (COMPLETED)
    48.8M 1.3M 72

    All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. But the problem was, Parker never looked her way, at least, not the way she wanted him to. For him, she's just the best friend-and a reminder of som...

  • Moonlight From Above
    1.2M 45.3K 42

    STRAND SERIES 2 (ABM) For every light from the moon, bright from the stars, and shine through his eyes. I can see both the moon and stars, how they shine in his eyes. I have been looking in different sources of light, but through him, I can always see how the light finds me and never see the dark that defies me.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sailing Above the Clouds
    2M 81.4K 45

    STRAND SERIES 1 (HUMSS) I have been admiring every shades of clouds, accepting every darkness from it, and seeing the beauty behind the stormy clouds. But for every sail above it, on an endless clouds, I have never saw myself sailing alone. Because in life, there will always be you. Who promised me to sail together...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Last Raindrop
    991K 36.6K 50

    Despite being worlds apart and rivals in academics, bratty Dior can't help falling for their family's gardener and driver, Migo. But when her parents try to break them up, can the love and trust they have be enough to help them survive? *** Trained to be best, Nevada Dior Del Valle never lets anyone get in her way. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Convict Me, Attorney." (Law Series #2)
    4.5M 264K 27

    [PUBLISHED under LIB] #2. "If liking you is a crime then why don't you convict me, attorney?"

  • "Defend Me, Attorney." (Law Series #1)
    7.5M 440K 29

    [PUBLISHED under LIB] #1. "If pleading guilty means protecting you, I will."

  • "Kill Me, Attorney." (Law Series #3)
    5.4M 351K 45

    #3. "If I won't have you then might as well kill me, attorney."

  • Under His Hoodie
    8.5M 439K 55

    The Hoodie Guy is shrouded by an infamous myth. There are rumors that whoever meets this guy wearing a grey hoodie, will be unlucky in love. Hellary doesn't believe it--until she meets him face to face. Is she now cursed?! *** Graduating high school student Hellary Angeles is never bothered by the school's myth about...

    Completed   Mature
  • HE'S INTO HER Season 3 | COMPLETED |
    220M 4.3M 75


    Completed   Mature
    1.9M 83.9K 6

    Love Trilogy #3

    30M 1.3M 55

    Love Trilogy #2

  • MOON
    17.7M 641K 28

    Project M 31/12/17

  • M
    3.7M 221K 10

    #ProjectM II

  • The PLAYBOY's Kiss (Book 2 of AKTP)
    1.4M 64.8K 57

    It's you, it's always you... I still love you... Cover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rain in España (University Series #1)
    105M 2.6M 38

    University Series #1 In a family of doctors, Kalix decided to take a different path and found himself studying Legal Management in Ateneo De Manila University. With family pressure on him, he tried so hard to maintain his high grades as a Dean's Lister until Luna from UST Architecture came.

    Completed   Mature
  • Safe Skies, Archer (University Series #2)
    81.4M 2M 33

    University Series #2 Hiro, a student pilot from DLSU, was very clear with his number one goal in life. It was to study in the best flying school in Florida. However, he agreed to have a no strings attached relationship with Yanna from FEU Tourism, the woman who cannot be tamed with her sexcapades.

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3)
    92.6M 2.6M 44

    University Series #3. Sevi, the team captain of Growling Tigers, never expected to fall in love again after his first heartbreak with his bestfriend.. until he met Elyse, the spoiled cheerleader from La Salle.

    Completed   Mature
  • Avenues of the Diamond (University Series #4)
    88.8M 3.2M 48

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #4. Samantha Vera from Ateneo De Manila University, the epitome of kindness, empathy, grace, and solicitude got her life ruined when her parents told her that she was marrying Cy Ramirez, a med student from UP, after their graduation.

    Completed   Mature
  • Golden Scenery of Tomorrow (University Series #5)
    39.4M 1.7M 48

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #5. Ever since they were kids, Avianna Diaz from UST Architecture and Larkin Sanchez from UP Film were inseparable, not until Larkin's fame grew over time, and they suddenly found themselves taking different roads at the same time.