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  • Oh Sangwoo Images
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    Just a bunch of pictures of our favorite serial killer Oh Sangwoo and Yoonbum maybe 😙 .THIS MANWHA IS NOT IN ANYWAY ROMANCE PLEASE DONT THINK OF IT THAT WAY. . These were found from Pinterest. I do not own any images in this. I do not own any character from Killing Stalking. . .Thank you for your time. #61 killings...

  • Forever Mine
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    Y/n wished she could leave that house, not that Sangwoo would ever let her.... she was forever his. Of course there'll be smut, violence and all that, this is a ks fanfic after all (sangwoo x fem reader) I do not own the characters from Killing Stalking you can support the creator Koogi by reading it on Lezhin Comics ...