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  • Class 3-E (Asano x Karma)Assassination classroom AU [Complete]
    5.7K 166 6

    Asano is abused by his father and is moved to Class 3-E,He falls in love with Karma,what happens next? Karma is dom btw. Assanation Classroom!

  • Study sessions
    6.5K 400 18

    It took one month to realize his crush for Asano Gakushū, two weeks of denial, and four days of eating bucket sized ice creams while watching teen drama for Karma to build up the courage to ask the strawberry blonde study together at his house. But hey, maybe this 'study session' at the Akabane househol...

  • A deal with the Devil (Karma x Gakushuu)
    27.7K 900 8

    Assassination Classroom AU: Karma Akabane- The Lord of the underworld Gakushuu Asano- A smartass 16 year old boy, his ego too big for his head "Hmm, he's a good one. I'll make him my slave." (PSA: THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN SMUT!! I WOULDNT SUGGEST READING IF YOU ARE UNDER 12, OR EVEN 12. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHEN I WAS 1...

  • Akabane Karma x Asano Gakushuu
    137K 3.2K 30

    Um....more like WAR OF DOMINATION thingy~ But the title says all aready Karma is topping xD And Asano might turn a bit tsunderish too~ WARNINGS: Contains Yaoi/BL (boy x boy) Contains LEMON(smut) Characters turn too OOC cause this is the true them in my opinion~ (Jk They won't stray that much expect those super romant...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm An Assassin [Assassination Classroom]
    33.2K 1.1K 7

    Asano Gakushū gets sent to the 'End Class' by the chairman. He thought it would be really bad to be in that class but it turns out to be the best and weirdest class he'd ever been to. [Takes Place After Episode 16 / Chapter 55]

  • Korosensei finds love
    6.3K 121 7

    Korosensei gets turned back into a human get finds someone who is willing to put up with him. Who will it be? Find out and you will see who Korosensei falls in love with. **This story contains yaoi**

    Completed   Mature
  • Guns for hands (Gakushuu x Karma) AU
    14.8K 383 5

    Gakushuu is a dense snob who's also king of the school. Karma is a lonely student who's never been noticed by this 'Gakushuu'. He wishes not to be noticed, but one day when the king decides to come to school early he finds a sight and sound that is worth remembering. And maybe using... If ya know what I mean. (ASSASSI...

  • Karma x Asano (Blackmail)
    66.1K 1.4K 7

    Sooo this is a story all about Karma Akabane and Gakushuu Asano and how the fall in love eehhh...Well it's more like Asano blackmails Karma to do stuff he wants but you know..XD

  • 'My Assassination Academia' BNHA X AC CROSSOVER
    122K 2.7K 28

    Two popular Anime's crossover in the most unlikely of times. In Tokyo, Japan, Government officials have been secretly experimenting with reality class Quirks. But due to a malfunction to their equipment, a dimension merging Quirk was accidentally... {Assassination Classroom and Boku No Her...

  • Online / Karmano
    71.8K 3.1K 26

    Asano gets a weird text from a random number, and there; a friendship blossoms. Or is it more than friendship?

  • Karma x Asano (He's Mine) [ON HOLD]
    15.6K 440 3

    Just a fanfic of AsaKaru... Hope ya' like it!!!

  • Field Trip To Weisburg Palace! (AC And TRT Crossover)
    521 20 5

    A poison gone wrong sends six students along with the octopus teacher in a wacky historical field trip involving four princes who strive to surpass their elder brother with the help of a tutor who looks like a child but is a full grown adult. Will our six assassins return to their time period before March, or will the...

  • I Wanna See You Smile (Karmagisa)
    179K 7K 34

    "Frowns doesn't suit you at all. You look even cuter with a smile." Nagisa's the kind of boy who never smiles or even laughs. Or maybe, he used to, but his once happy life has turned into pure hell when a certain incident happened that the person so close to him is now gone. He faces abuse, depression, solitude, and s...

  • Karmagisa Oneshots
    141K 3.4K 49

    {REQUESTS CLOSED} Various Karma X Nagisa OneShots, feel free to request! Warning: This story contains a boy x boy ship. Some sensitive subjects including suicide, depression, anxiety etc. may be mentioned. Trigger warnings will be placed in front of each oneshot!

  • KARMAGISA! Karma x Nagisa
    209K 6.2K 17

    Fluffy, cute, and funny! I like writing happy things (as you can see)

  • Chasing For Love (Karmagisa)
    291K 9.5K 27

    ||COMPLETED|| Karma is a super hot, super famous teen celebrity and Nagisa is just a normal junior highschooler who has a broken and depressing life. After meeting Nagisa, Karma began falling inlove with him in an instant and found himself chasing for him. And Nagisa never knew that Karma would be the one who could li...

  • ~The Blue Cinderella~
    84.1K 3K 28

    Nagisa Shiota was a very happy, and sweet young boy. He had a very loving family. He had a great time with them. Now.... I said "Had" and "was". He 'was' a happy little boy, till his father left. Till his mother adopted 2 daughters. His mother always wanted a daughter. When Nagisa was born, she kept forcing him to...

  • *DISCONTINUED* He's a genius
    3K 78 5

    "Karma-kun?! Y-your back" "Nagisa, who's that? " Yamada questioned observing him head to toe. "That's karma Akabane. My very first best friend from Junior high first year" I responded with shockness. Damn he's back. "Wait, I thought I was your first best friend!! WHAT" Yamada yelled with anger glaring at karma while...

  • Same Feelings [COMPLETE]
    6.9K 126 14

    (I wrote this story when I was like 11 or 12 y/o so it might be cringe but enjoy!!) Class 3-E Nagisa Shiota is treated lowly just like everyone in Class 3-E, while at home he get bullied by his own mother. One day a student came to Class 3-E, day after day their relationship grew stronger and both develop feelings for...

  • His bully. His love.
    31.3K 1.1K 5

    boi i think the title explains

  • gone public { Karma x Nagisa }
    687K 23.8K 19

    Karma Akabane, an un-average rich kid, meets Nagisa Shiota, your typical cinnamon roll.