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  • Mission: Doubt New Allies
    75 15 13

    BOOK THREE OF THE MISSION SERIES Spain was . . . interesting. But with all the happened in attempt to get Harley Clarke back from the Montgomery Rings, Audrey Michaels is still a teenage girl and one that happens to go to spy school. This year EIFFEIM gets crazy, with a new exchange program, 2 new students (and 1 new...

  • Mission: Save all Sisters
    366 113 26

    BOOK TWO- Audrey Michaels has finally come to terms with the fact that her mother is probably dead. After all, the Mongomery Rings are so crazy that they probably wouldn't let her stay alive, a fact that the quiet Clarke children know all too well. But until they have to face the Rings again, school is always a distra...

  • Mission: Destroy All Boys
    841 215 24

    BOOK ONE- At the highly selective, Educational Institute For Field Espionage in Minors (EIFFEIM), leaving school is a strict no-no. When Audrey Michaels receives special permission to leave with her father, she knows something's up. Strange disappearances are happening within the schools walls, her mother, new sworn...