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  • Resurrection: Resident Evil Village Extended Ending
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    **WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF RESIDENT EVIL 8** The father's story is now done. "No it's not! It isn't over yet. Sorry for intruding on your afterlife, but...".

  • The Glass Alchemist ( An Envy x Oc Story )
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    I knew that she was a human. And I hated humans with every inch of my body. I detested them for what they had that I didn't. But she showed me kindness. She showed me her own pain. And she didn't hate me for all I did. No matter what I did, she couldn't hate me. Her trust in me was infinite. And now, I'm ridicu...

  • The Death of The First Giant (Aot Colossal Titan! Reader Imagine )
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    For The Fall Of Marley

  • A New Struggle (zuko x male reader)
    6.4K 213 9

    *second book to "A New Friend"* "i know i'm not your world anymore.. but you're still mine" inspo cred: @Tough-Guy after you fled ba sing se with the avatar and his friends, you can't get him off your mind. even though you left him, he's all you can think about. milestones: number 5 in zukoxmalereader

  • A New Friend (zuko x male reader)
    18K 606 14

    "he's warm to the touch, i could fall asleep in his warmth if i really wanted to." -------------------------- y/n lives in the lower ring of ba sing se. there's a new tea shop opening and you decide to check it out. let's see how this goes. inspo cred: @Tough-Guy i do not own "avatar the last airbender" or any of the...

  • Summer Nights (reader x zuko x sokka)
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    This is a readerxzukoxsokka. There's a lot to this story so bare with me.You can leave feedback but i'm SENSITIVE so be kind. And to each other! Y/N is girl from the southern water tribe captured to become handmaiden to the fire nation prince. I'm simply don't know why i cant stop loving them both. "I cant do this for...