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  • Cute Undertale Ship Pictures
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    I have so many ship pictures and I wanna show them. Feel free to request Undertale ships for that will be very appreciated.

  • Dustberry
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    This is all about the day we're Dust and Blueberry tells Papyrus the true about them and spoiler alert They get married at the last and I'll include some of the Au ship's in this story so get ready

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    aaaaaah!! heeeeelp meeee i cant stop shipping! anyway i made this cuz its my otp! and no one is gonna change that capitch? anyway to the discription! _______________________________________ killer is heart broken becouse its mr. nm fault!! since killer confess his feelings but he manage to get over it by a time but st...

  • My Insane Lover (Blueberry x Dust)
    28.1K 829 10

    All Blue wants to do is make friends. He stumbles upon a the skeleton who killed his brother in the Multiverse AU. He seeks revenge. That skeleton wants Violence and gives no MERCY, but Blue wants MERCY and no Violence but sometimes you have to give in. They never usually get along but what happens when one opens up a...

  • I Fell For A Villain( StarKiller)
    46.5K 1.4K 17

    Outer, a easy going, trustworthy skeleton, one of the most chilled skeleton in the AU's. He's the type of guy who doesn't judge by rumors or looks, quite strong if you ask me. Outer usually goes to the cliff to see the stars or goes to Grillby's. Sometimes, he sees Error looking up at the stars. His AU really was a pe...

  • °~Star Sanses X Evil Sanses~°
    51.3K 1.7K 37

    the evil sanses were originally supposed to capture the star sanses but they end up falling for them instead will there leader kill them or will he find love to? (contains other ships) Best ratings Cream #1 (may 5, 2020)

  • Sweet But Psycho
    29.3K 857 8

    Something is wrong with Blue. Something bad. Blue panics and the Star Sanses leave mid-battle. The Bad Sanses are confused, but shrug it off. What happens when whatever happened to Blue gets him banned form the Star Sanses? If ur cringey and u know it clap ur hands. ClAp ClAp If u suck at writing but u do it anyways...

  • Starry Eyes
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    Killer and Outer aren't too alike. However, through the power of e-dating and living in the same town, they make it work, with frequent visits Wal-Mart. For snack runs, obviously.

  • Killer x outer
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    I love this ship and not a lot of people create a story like dis so I did

  • Cross x Dream | Closer to the enemy
    3.7K 133 7

    ! [WARNING: THE SLOWEST UPDATE YOU'LL EVER HAVE] ! ! [ AUTHOR IS IN LONG HIATUS ] ! It's time for "Cream" uwu This story is kinda connected to Treat you better but It's kinda not also, There's star sanses here and that book, There's no star sanses who showed up. Same characters as usual, same as the Nightkiller book I...

  • A Star and a Killer -OuterKiller Fanfic-
    318 14 1

    During the aftermath of a strange 'Multiverse Collision', Killer decides to take a break from the Bad Guys and pays visit to Outer's AU, just visiting a old friend. Once Outer and Killer meet up again, strange feelings start to develop between the skeletons. Burning sensations in one's chest, thoughts one would never...

  • Drifting away (cream story)
    870 59 13

    Cross and Dream are now together and have a family but dream still has to do his job which is bringing people positivity and saving the multiverse with blue and ink so cross doesn't see Dream much and he has to take care of lux and starcross by himself and he soon starts to miss dream. None of the characters belong to...

  • Cross x Dream Story
    9.3K 256 6

    Hello! I originally put this on Amino, but someone suggested I put it on here! Wtf this doesn't deserve this much attention.

  • Set Me Free | Demus
    11.6K 607 11

    Remus and Deceit feel alone, the so-called 'light sides' push them away and blame them for everything negative. Why can't they see that they're really trying to help? Why is it so easy for Anxiety to be welcomed yet they're the villains? What happens when the two 'dark sides' find comfort in each other and something b...

  • Bad guy Sans's
    25.6K 640 17

    Dust's fiance is Blueberry Cross's husband(/wife) is Dream Nightmares boyfriend is Killer Horrors boyfriend is Lust Errors husband(/wife) is Ink Samuel, Scrooge, and Dark are Nightmare and Killers kids Lurro, Tacky, Desire, and Luxath are Horror and Lusts kids Nightmare, killer, Lust, Horror and the kids all live in N...

  • Deceit x Remus how do I tell that I love him
    16.2K 501 6

    "Hey Janus~" "What? Is it Remus?" "Have you-" "Don't " "Ever watched " "I'm warning you" "Ssssnake PORN!!!"

  • lust sans x horror sans
    20.2K 429 5

    I was walking around and I here crying of course I think it's a human but I'm very wrong on that If you want to know what happens next read on!

  • Perfect little lies {Demus}
    51.1K 1.5K 20

    Remus always knew that Deceit was sensitive. He would flinch whenever Remus touched him, and he could sometimes hear quiet sobs coming from Deceit's room. He always did think it was weird how skinny Dee was. But one day, when he breaks into tears and begs Remus not to leave him, he's had enough of seeing him like this...

  • Horrorlust story
    17.7K 413 10

    Sup my Brotato chips! Dis story is about horrorlust and it has SIN in it. Hope ya enjoy, My Brotato Chips

  • All it takes is a bite. (demus)
    24.5K 1.1K 13

    Fantasy Au Deceit has this curse on him where he can only speak in lies because of a snake that bit him when he was young he also turns into a snake at night and has an uncontrollable urge to bite them too but if he bites someone they die. What will happen when this deceitful snake comes across a dirty lunatic who ca...

  • °Demus oneshots° ~Demus (obviously)~ 《Sanders Sides Fanfics》
    872 35 8

    Just some nice Demus oneshots, there may be some sexual mention just a warning, I mean, it's Demus so, there define try WILL be. Hope anyone who reads this enjoys! Also none of these characters are mine, they all belong to Thomas Sanders. -R

  • Demus
    18.6K 820 16

    The dark sides were always close, but Remus had never talked about how he really felt. Alone. Disturbing. And how he never was really happy with the way he was treated by Thomas and the others. Especially Roman.

  • 𝙳𝚎𝚖𝚞𝚜/𝙳𝚞𝚔𝚎𝚌𝚎𝚒𝚝 𝙾𝚗𝚎 𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 (𝚂𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚂𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚜)
    4K 181 6

    The lovable lying Snek Boi. The somewhat likeable Trashman. The duo of the Dark Sides? Remus, Deceit... together? This is the plan? Are you CRAZY? Ahem, Lion king 2 reference, anyone? *Bows* Thank you, thank you. But yes! This is a book of Remus x Deceit (Janus) one shots! It's going to be bumpy, awkward and uncomfort...

  • Into the Unknown: A Demus story
    24.1K 1.4K 27

    Remus had been taken in by light sides after the split but as his ideas get more troubling Patton sends him to the realm of the dark sides. Will he be ok in this new territory or will it be too much? Cover art by @adriartts on Tumblr ⚠️Irregular Updates!⚠️

  • Before A Snake Eats The Rat (Demus FanFic)
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    Hey, so this is my first story, don't judge me. I may or may not have Run-on's because, I have a problem with that. Anyways, some smut, but, enjoy! :3 🏳️🌈

  • the snake and the rat
    3.5K 89 6

    Deceit is feeling down and goes to Remus for comfort

  • The closest thing to him ~ Demus
    4.5K 302 10

    Janus has had these kinds of melt-downs before, and Remus was always there to set him straight once again. But when he is finally accepted by the Light Sides his room had moved, leaving him and Remus apart. He breaks into the biggest melt-down he's had and Remus is blocked from helping him.

  • Sssickening
    17.7K 646 5

    Remus is being a flirty inappropriate stinky boi and Deceit is being a pissed off lying slimy boi and they fall in love and bad shit happens. Also Roman and Virgil are dating and Patton and Logan are dating.

  • Molten Freddy x Lefty (Sadly Discontinued)
    13.4K 114 15

    This is a story shipping Molten Freddy x Lefty from The Famous Films universe. Please no hate as it is my first time writing.

  • Molten Freddy x Lefty
    3.6K 107 6

    Just two animatronics that love each other but don't know how to express it to one another. Note: This takes place in an AU where it's the animatronics themselves not the children who possess them so this is not pedophilia, they also have dicks don't question it welcome to the FNaF fandom.