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  • captivate (hanji x reader)
    5.5K 551 7

    "Could you make me a love potion?" Y/N is a young (self-admitted narcissist) witch who on an outing to a nearby village finds herself captivated by a passing Knight. Hanji is said 'passing Knight' who is on the hunt for a witch who can fulfill a special request (bonus if said witch is cute and willing to let her know...

  • tidal (Levi x Reader)
    137K 9.9K 58

    "As soon as I was born I was shipped off to a back corner of the royal palace and forgotten." Y/N L/N is the forgotten 13th princess of the Kingdom of Sina. As soon as she turns 18 she will be cast aside and used in a political marriage. Levi Ackerman is a Duke who has everything. Political power, money, women, etc...