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  • The Royal Revenge
    2.8K 946 16

    All Rights Reserved® As the royal announcer cleared his throat in front of the people, they began to keep quite to pay attention to what he was saying."Now I pronounce to you the new found princess, Princess Elizabeth." As he said that Elizabeth came down the stair's in a full flowing green ball room gown and the peop...

  • The Crown in the Dust
    713 125 13

    Astrid, the King and Queen's only child, needs to have a husband announced for her 17th birthday. After almost convincing her parents to pick Eric, the boy she truly loves, he goes missing. And the King and Queen choose her biggest enemy for her to marry. Instead of accepting her fate and giving up on her happiness, s...

  • Oblivious⎪𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕝
    33.7K 1.6K 26

    [ON HOLD TEMPORARILY] "That again? Can't you just give it a rest? He's my husband. I-" Harriet stopped. "-love him?", Línnea inquired, quirking her lip into what looked like a smirk. - All her life Harriet has felt like a burden. Not being able to make any decisions without people instantly hating her for it. So she...

  • Tales of a Peculiar Pirate
    626 117 18

    Cover by: jiba_tree Pirate with one brain cell...on a good day? Check. Extremely specific descriptions and random trivia? This story has it. Wild adventures where no one, and definitely not our heroine, knows what's going on? Read and find out! ... "Good day, good sir," she chirped in as cheerful a voice as she could...

  • A Purple Flame in the Darkness
    1.2K 324 8

    'I don't trust it, Luna. There's something going on that you're not telling me.' 'Maybe...' 'Don't 'maybe' me! What is it?' 'Oh well, there's school. Gotta go!' Luna Oakley's whole life is quite abnormal. She's just a normal teenager with constant mood swings, oversleeping tendencies, a sister crushing on Johnny Orl...

  • The Numbing of Ice | Editing
    1K 193 23

    🥉3rd Place In The Marigold Awards - Action/Adventure Category. 🥉3rd Place In The Seasonal Contests - Action/Adventure Category. 🏆Runner up in The Blackrose Awards - Adventure Category Charlotte Alfonsi is a timid girl who has a perfect mother, a nearly perfect step-father and a perfect life... Until one day her mot...

    Completed   Mature
  • Adventures Of Olivia William
    271 48 8

    Olivia William is a 14-year-old girl who experienced something that she will never forget... It all started in a library and ended in something where she couldn't imagine. Are you ready to find out? Join this journey of this world through the Adventures of Olivia apollo8_me (Author)

  • Ashes of Autumn [re-writting]
    632 93 9

    What do you do when your own imagination and stories seem to be real? You stop imagining, right? Maia Calsos and her friends wished things were that easy. After millenniums and eons, the myths and tales of the human race seem to be much alive...probably even more than the humans themselves. Bringing with them the past...

  • ||The Celestials|| Book 1 of The Celestials
    2K 479 41

    Another World. Seven Targets. One Murderer. One girl who can save them all. A historical murderer who the world knew as Wizard X has returned from the shadows, kidnapping twins from every corners of the mythical world of Evermire. The adventure-driven fifteen-year-old, Katherine Queen is dragged into Evermire with the...

  • The Signal
    2.5K 643 14

    ~Measure a man not by his strength, but by his loyalty. Judge a woman not by her beauty, but her words. Gauge a person not by their claims, but their actions.~ Asher Crowe doesn't know where he stands in the world. One where power, both physical and political means everything. To the young Asher Crowe, power means no...

  • The Game
    91 26 11

    Players. Rules. A time limit. That's the information. Nothing more nothing less. Because I, Natalia Bree, am a part of this. I am going to be. Kill. Drama. Fun. These three words are what you live by if you play The Game. If you don't follow a are 'trash' or kicked out. I can't loose. I can't win. If yo...

  • The apocalypse
    1.3K 652 25

    Superpowers, magic and futuristic technology. All of these only exist in movies and books, right? Yeah, that was what Penelope Yoshida thought too. Until she discovered that a lot of people had powers but kept them as a secret from the world. She was more shocked to find out that she has them too. Twists and turns, l...

    76 8 3


    389 129 5

    He wrote a book.... He took a nap.... And he woke up as a character in his book Now he has to finish his book and find his way back home... Will his story have a happy ending? Or will he remain... Stuck in a book