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  • Time Virus
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    (I don't know the DreamSMP storyline well. If there are any mistakes, just pretend it's cause it's an alternate universe and not because I haven't fully watched the DreamSMP) (Personalities may not be 100% accurate to the actual smp. Again, have barely watched the DreamSMP.) There was a little known virus, but it was...

  • White Lies | DreamNotFound [COMPLETE]
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    Dream and George are just vibing on minecraft with voice chat when someone interrupts George. George 'mutes' his mic but unknowingly misclicks, allowing Dream to hear everything. What Dream heard that day forced him to lie straight through his teeth to his closest friend. (I know, sounds cliche af lol) - ❕WARNING❕ Thi...

  • Deleted - previously a skepnoblade book
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    Thank you for the memories and the smiles! :) deleted Nov 30, 2020 Unpublished due to Techno being uncomfortable with shipping, I must respect my king 👑 !!! Small glimpse of what this once was ↓ 1# in Skepnoblade on Nov 3, 2020, POGCHAMP LET'S GO - completed as of Oct 18, 2020 - -*★ BEFORE YOU READ!!! If you're going...