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  • Diabolik Lovers Yaoi lemons
    16.7K 143 4

    This book contains smut and profanity. If u don't like smut or profanity, I advise u not to read this yaoi.

  • DIABOLIK ship book 2
    45.8K 620 19

    get ready to have vagina combustion!!!!!! Yaoi. and hentai all in this smexy book (hardcore read at your own risk)

  • Kanato X Azusa (Yaoi) {Volume 1}
    13.7K 209 25


    Completed   Mature
  • Those Eyes (Ayato X Laito)
    19.2K 506 16

    Yaoi Warning Laito always dreamt about his mother. His dreams always bothered him and he would always see Cordelia's faces everywhere. He hated her but at the same time he misses her. He mostly hangs out with Ayato just so he could stare at his eyes, those same emerald green eyes just like Cordelia. Laito started giv...

  • Diabolik Lovers YAOI
    139K 2.3K 15

    Hello, Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of YAOI Diabolik lovers? Well now you have no choice! get obsessed with all of these sexy vampires! including a couple on the side ;) If you have a plot please DM I'd love to hear, as always the more the merry they say ^^

  • Only Mine
    558 14 1

    A sequel of my other story 'Not Again'. While Shu Sakamaki and Yuma Mukami passionately renew their old friendship, a certain younger brother of Shu, realizes that he does not want to share his favorite older brother with anyone else.

  • ~> Kanato x Azusa <~
    31.5K 902 30

    They both fell in love until

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Lust (Kanato x Azusa)
    7.7K 102 9

    A Kanato Sakamaki and Azusa Mukami one shot. May contain yaoi, don't like it then don't read it please. Also, I don't own any of the characters or Diabolik Lovers. I also don't own any of the images or the cover page image.

  • Shu x Subaru Lemon smut/Fluff Oneshots
    43.8K 445 6

    It says so in the title. If you want to know more read the book.

  • Our insane love story (azusa X Kanato)
    11.9K 440 12

    Azusa hides is feeling for Kanato since very very long , Kanato didn't wanted to talk with Azusa since the teddy accident didn't matter to Azusa because he could still see Kanato some time in the mansion. Azusa got jealous over Kou because he got Subaru so easily , but why can't he couldn't confess is feeling...

  • Lustfully [Kanato X Azusa Fanfiction]
    16.6K 438 13

    Lots of smut and fluff. Dreams are gonna come true. (Left Wattpad)

    Completed   Mature
  • Obey Me x MC: Absolute Smut
    56.8K 881 1

    All chapters are requests from tumblr and can be found there @devildomqueen

  • More than Brotherly Love(DL) Laito x Ayato( discontinued )
    11.3K 263 11

    One day Laito noticed Ayato looking at him and he smirked which made him blush and growl and Ayato ignored him ever since then...until one day when Laito gets the opportunity he tackles Ayato on the couch and turns him into his slave but they have to hide it from the others (I have a dirty mind ..,) Rated : R18+

  • diabolik lovers shipping's {Completed}
    29.9K 258 25

    this is a diabolik lovers boy x boy and girl x boy I hope you enjoy it. disclaimer: I don't own the pictures for the diabolik lovers characters {Complete}

  • Silent Melody
    45 3 1

    Ayato was known for his possessivness Laito was known for his sexual desires --- Ayato Sakamaki x Laito Sakamaki

  • The Forbidden Love~ (LaitoXKanato)
    36 1 1

    Laito and Kanato love each other but would a old rule would get to their love?

  • Diabolik Lovers: A Little Pet
    163K 4.7K 28

    (Boy x Boy) Yui has a dog, one she has had for most of her life. She loves him and He loves her but he is not just a dog. He does not know himself. His owes his life to you who he calls 'Master'. What may happen when Yui is sent to the Vampire boys mansion? What will happen when things are complicated between her dog...