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  • R/noslep | Crack Reddit Horror Stories • Collection
    803 83 22

    ⚠️r/noslep is NOT the place to fuck around.⚠️ It's similar to r/nosleep but it's a thousand times more terrifying, and not to mention, COMPLETELY TRUE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Scary Reddit Stories
    798 21 10

    So, I'm a huge fan of no-sleep reddit stories, so I thought I would make a whole book on some of my favorite stories! All rights go to the original authors.

  • Let's Not Meet~ Reddit
    4.3K 83 6

    Chilling true stories shared *I take no credit for these stories! They are stories that were posted on the subreddit Let's Not Meet*

  • r/nosleep | Reddit Horror Stories • Collection
    3.8K 219 32

    A collection of new and old Reddit horror stories from r/nosleep with original links. Enjoy! ♥️ = My personal favorites *Follow links at your own risk* All the music in this book is from Myuu on YouTube.

  • r/LetsNotMeet | Creepy and True Reddit Stories • Collection
    1K 34 10

    "A place to read true stories about people you never want to meet again." A collection of true and creepy Reddit horror stories from r/LetsNotMeet with original links. Enjoy! *Follow links at your own risk*