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  • She's Not Quiet {Book 3 of the Quiet Series}
    5.9M 158K 35

    "Take it off." I looked at the guy I always considered my best friend with a raised brow. "Excuse me?" His deep green eyes snapped to mine. "Take that shit off and go put on some proper clothes Alice." He ordered again. "You can't tell me what to do Jaxson." I mumbled rolling my eyes, turning to leave the house a yel...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Possessive boyfriend (Sequel to Possessive bestfriend)
    553K 15.7K 48

    Noah & Jezzabelle were finally together but that doesnt mean he stopped his possessive ways with her. She does have her reputation in school of being with more guys then she can count. And being in a one on one relationship only zone now, that seems to surprise everyone...including the guys she slept around with. No...

  • Possessive bestfriend
    1.5M 42.5K 36

    Jezzabelle & Noah were bestfriends since diapers. They were very close, and loved each other before they even knew what love was, most likely they were each others first true love, but never told a soul. They enjoyed their friendship till one day he moves away not even saying goodbye to his bestfriend who waited for...

  • Cold Hearted
    408K 10.3K 35

    "You will be coming to my pack with me." he said grabbing me by my waist, "No." I refused. "No?" he asked. "No." I answered, nervously. "Fine then, I'll just have to take you against your will." he said. "Y-y-ou can't do that," I stuttered. "Oh yes I can Talia." he said. *** Natalia Romano, an Innocent looking girl...

  • Young Mates
    272K 6.1K 27

    Ryan has been in love with Emma since the first time he laid eyes on her when he was thirteen years old she was only eight. He knows she's his mate but what happens now. You're supposed to meet you're mate after you shift at the age of sixteen. What are you supposed to do when you meet at younger than that? And what a...

  • My Possessive Alpha | completed
    3.2M 71.8K 28

    Alexis Lee finds her possessive Alpha mate, Dylan Zanders. Not only is he the Alpha, he happens to be popular and quite the ladies man. He has quite a few ladies surrounding him. But, obviously being an Alpha, he drops everything for Lexi. But her first impression is to run! With Dylan being so possessive, can Lexi su...

  • The Queen's Alpha
    779K 16.6K 30

    "Who is she?" "Is that their daughter?" "Maybe she's our new queen" "She's so pretty." ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() "Good evening, My Queen." The voice says, getting closer. The amazing scent is now wrapping around me, and making feel things that I've never felt. Suddenly a finger pushes my chin up, and I'm met w...

  • The Hooded Werewolf
    2M 52K 38

    A story about a werewolf girl that wears a hood to cover her face. She's snarky. She's sarcastic. She's funny. But she has a heart so soft that you could sleep on it. Alexandra joins the royal pack in Russia to become a guard since it has been her goal from when she was a little child. However, there are not many fema...

  • Alpha Raven ✔
    7.9M 252K 33

    Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entranced by the Alphas beauty I didn't the notice the foot in front of me. Within a second I tripped over the foot, causing the cake to fly right out of my...

  • My Mate's Babies.
    10.2M 216K 31

    Sophia hasn't had the best life so far. In fact, that would be an understatement. However, it seems like rainbows and bunnies compared to what her alpha mate, Chase, does to her. After making love to her, he leaves her for his girlfriend and head cheerleader, Nicole, who doesn't go a day without taunting and bull...

  • His Very Personal Assistant
    18.4M 478K 38

    Nicolas Witmore is the hot beast and hot topic for Los Angeles paparazzi. He is the C. E. O and a billionaire. He is a playboy with an arrogant attitude. He is known as the most cold hearted person a person could ever meet. But why did he become like that? It is the reason only he knows. But once he finds the person h...

  • Invade My Heart
    8.6M 340K 26

    (Second book to “Marked by the Alpha”. It is highly recommended that you read MBTA prior to IMH.) I, Daniella Saunders, had suffered quite a lot when I stayed in Huntstown, Michigan. Leaving my true soul mate, experiencing the betrayal from the ones I thought I trusted, and shifting into a rare type of werewolf is a w...

  • Marked by the Alpha
    34.1M 1M 37

    "You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you are mine and only mine, you understand?" Daniella Saunders had a pretty rough life. After being heartbroken and betrayed by both her father and her boyfriend, Danny mo...

  • Bloody Lips | Completed
    7.9M 268K 50

    #01 in vampire [10.07.2017] #01 in fantasyfiction [14.03.2021] #03 in thriller [28.05.2018] #02 in romance [04.10.2018] I can sense him, I can smell him.He comes here every night but I am scared to face him. Who is he? what does he want ? I sense him coming closer to my bed. I held my breath and shut my eyes tight...