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  • Todobaku Oneshots
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    Todobaku oneshots because it's my favorite ship. I'll try to update consistently. Feel free the make requests, I'll most likely do them. Rankings #1 in toptodo 12/17/20

  • Todobaku Twitter
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    They get dorms. Share one with another person. The class try's to get Todoroki and bakugo to date. While falling in love with each other. Soulmate au

  • We Bloom | shigadabi
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    Tomura was never allowed to go out. He was stuck at home with inhalers, nebulizers and oxygen tanks decorating his room. No one could ever heal his disease. Until he realized, he doesn't need a doctor or a surgery to heal him. All he needs is Dabi. - pairing: shigaraki x dabi (bxb) au

  • Shigaraki X Dabi (Discontinued)
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    After Muscular and Mr.Compress would do some 'things' To shigaraki he had enough and ran away from the league Of Villains. Will Muscular and Mr.Compress get called out? Will shigaraki come back? Or will he stay with a different organisation? Dabi finds out all these questions and it is all revealed by a missing jacke...

  • Todobaku Doujinshi SMUT/FLUFF
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    [COMPLETE] READ AT YOUR OWN RISK 🔞 I found some doujinshis and I'm feeling todobaku right now so here. credit to the people who made them

    Completed   Mature
  • todobaku | notice .
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    Why doesn't anybody notice? 1/21/21

  • Bloody Love (Yandere Dabi x Shigaraki)
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    Dabi is madly in love with the leader of the league of villains and can't help but get jealous when somebody tries to get close to him. He tries his best to hide it when he's around the blue haired male but when he isn't looking he makes sure he gives his victim one of the worst experiences of their life.

  • Only time will tell
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    This is a shitty AU It has, Soulmate And Omegaverse Soulmates; you will know your soulmate by the clock on your wrist it will tick down until you meet your soulmate it will beep twice once you meet them, As for some people they don't have those. Some people dont love their soulmate so they go to other people who don...

  • TodoBaku smut and fluff oneshots
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    I do not own any of these characters or My Hero Academia in any way. having said that I love Bakugou and Todoroki as a couple, but I don't have a story platform yet where I can post that stuff, so that is what this is most of what I write will have two part. One part will be fluff, and one will be smut so you can fin...

  • Don't you get it?
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    TODOBAKU Bakugou was cursed, not by a deadly witch or any of that but cursed with falling in love with Mr. popular, Shoto Todoroki. The stubborn male refuses to accept this but later can't deny it. As the year comes to an end and High school life is no more can Bakugou confess his feelings to the rich boy or fail mise...

  • Why you? (Overhaul x Shigaraki)
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    Soulmate AU: There are this red string what appear in your little finger when you are sixteen. It is just a short part, but another part is in your soulmate's finger and when you are close to each others the strings connect. They are gonna stay connected about two months and then it will disappear, but it will disapp...

  • Meet My Boyfriend! | todobaku |
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    "So dad this is Katsuki, the one I was telling you about" Shoto said pointing at me I put my weights down as I finished my rep. Looking at the two men confused, what the fuck is icy hot talking about? "You're boyfriend?" Enji asked him "Meet my boyfriend!" Shoto said smiling and looking between his father and me I loo...

  • Fractures//todobaku
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    YES THERES SMUT! katsuki bakugou is a professional boxer. He is one of the top ten but there was one person stoping him from becoming number one but what if he breaks a bone or two and needs help doing things. What if he had a babysitter who was hot.

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    Shoto Todoroki went to an outdoor cafe all the time. Sometimes it was for school, to study for exams or to just have a nice peaceful place while he chewed on his gum. Regardless, it was nice to go. It got even better when he saw a cute ash blond boy. Shoto, being the shy boy he was, didn't say anything, just admiring...

  • Dekubaku story Vampire Au
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    vampire deku x human bakugo Long ago vampires attacked the kingdom one of the vampires had go to the king begged for Mercy the vampire agreed only if they were to bring four humans one to the South for his sister one to the east and west for his brothers and one to the north for him Years later bakugo is chosen as on...

  • Falling Apart [Todobaku]
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    [Just a warning, the relationship in this book is not healthy, and I acknowledge that. I'm not going to fix it though cuz this book is for when I'm not emotionally stable] Bakugou lives in a home and mind far worse than most. With an abusive, cheating father, and alcoholic, druggie mother, all of his homelife is chaot...

  • "Mine~"
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    Omega Verse, Bakugo : Rogue Omega Deku : Alpha The rest don't matter that much :D Few days before UA graduation. Deku has been acting weird and didn't have the spark in his eyes sometimes. He then went missing after giving Bakugo a note and chocolates. Where did he go? When is Bakugo gonna meet him again?

  • Headaches and kisses
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    When you turn 12 you will get flashes of things your soulmate loves or hates go through your head when they think about it or them. Soulmate au Todobaku Fluff Possible smut and possible trigger warnings !Angsty warnings! 13+ All rights to the artists and Anime and Manga creators

  • My Master- TodoBaku smut
    8.9K 121 11

    Bakugo is Todoroki's pet, he doesn't always do what he says though which pisses Todoroki off

    Completed   Mature
  • The Place Where You Forget.(Shigadabi)
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    Oh god, I'm not good at explaining things so I'll just say the things that might trigger people.. •Gay (no duh, this is a BL fanfic) •A tiny bit of swearing (occasionally) I don't think there's anything else, if I do write about something triggering, I'll do a warning. -I do not own the My Hero Academia universe or an...

  • todobaku | scenarios .
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    TodoBaku scenarios that are about 50-300 words long. 1/3/21

  • villain {todobaku} [villain todoroki]
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    what would of happened if todoroki one day snapped and became a villain and joins the lov with his brother when he was just 13 and what would of happened if bakugo got captured by the lov and talks with todoroki and they slowly fall in love

  • TodoBaku One-Shot
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    TodoBaku oneshots that contain smut. Some bottom Todoroki but mostly top. It's crappy sorry.

  • ~Blinded~ {ShigaDabi}
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    this is a Shigaraki X Dabi fanfic 18+ Dabi is slowly loosing his vision and tried to hide it from the villians but one night his secret comes out as Tomura uncovers his secret.

  • This Is Love: Shigaraki Tomura x Dabi
    18.5K 403 2

    • new members have joined the league of villians • smut will be included

  • My boy (Dabi x Shigaraki)
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    Shiggy is a big boi bottom and Dabi is big boi top thats it.

  • My Hero Academia / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K [Crossover]
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    Crossover of "My Hero Academia" and "The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo" Volume Guide: - Vol. 1: Introduction Some Notes About the Story (shortened): 1) Spoilers 2) If you don't know about either show, this may be confusing. 3) This will be written seriously, but will have humor here and there. 4) I'm not the best wri...

  • 'My Assassination Academia' BNHA X AC CROSSOVER
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    Two popular Anime's crossover in the most unlikely of times. In Tokyo, Japan, Government officials have been secretly experimenting with reality class Quirks. But due to a malfunction to their equipment, a dimension merging Quirk was accidentally... {Assassination Classroom and Boku No Her...

  • TodoBaku, Destiny
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    This is an Omegaverse Todoroki Shōto x Bakugō Katsuki yaoi fanfic. For those who are unaware, yaoi is a boy x boy story and this one will include sexual interactions. (Also, credit to the artist who drew the cover.) Omegaverse is a community built up by 3 types of humans; Alpha, Beta & Omega. That means: Omega: Bot...