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  • Throw a Chair Through a Window and Call It a Day
    26.9K 1.3K 8

    "Vla- no, not him." Shota scowled, he would rather give up all his naps than live to see the day where Sekijiro Kan of all people became his superior. "Snipe?!" "Not emotionally available at the moment as he is currently battling his romantic feelings for Kayama-san." Shota shot back down. "For the love of god-!" "As...

  • Insane- A villain that can change (villain Deku/Dadzawa [BNHA]
    233K 9.8K 51

    (I do not own the cover picture or MHA/BNHA or most the characters in this story, I just own the plot and writing) (This story includes triggers, self harm, suicide and symptoms of psychosis) After my idol shut down the only thing I've lived for, I didn't see much of a point in living anymore. I wondered, why a quir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do We Scare You?
    11.9K 379 23

    "Can you hear them?" The class stared in silence as they watched Izuku's dead body fall to the floor. "Can you see them?" Tomura slowly closed the gap between the students and him as they shock, unable to use their quirks. "They are angry." That when he laughed. Slowly as if his limbs refused to corporate Izuku Midori...

    Completed   Mature
  • Villain rehab! (I'm Back!)
    158K 4.5K 31

    Deku, Dabi and Toga get caught by a group of hero's and are given a choice...... U.A or prison? __________________________________________________ In this story Bakugou never bullied Deku, Deku is still a soft boi and he is all for one's son.

  • Trust Me (Bkdk) (Villain Deku Au)
    32.6K 1.2K 50

    Izuku Midoriya, or also known as DEKU.he's the world's number 1 villain along with All for one and LOV. none has ever seen his face for he wears a mask. what happens if... the heroes made a venom that could see what the infected could see. what's behind those evil laughs, crimes, bloods, and guns? will they be able t...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Loud Parent ( Mute!Izuku and Orphan!Izuku)
    80.6K 2.4K 10

    What happens when a hero who relies on his voice more then anyone else adopts kid who can't use theirs. Also I don't own any art cause I can't draw- However OC art (unless I state otherwise) is mine but done via commission

  • Sunsets Lead To Sunrises (Dadzawa story)
    142K 5.2K 22

    When Inko leaves to join Hisashi in America, she leaves behind her son Izuku-entrusting temporary custody to the prestigious hero school U.A. Aizawa grows concerned at Izuku's overly self-reliant tendencies and vows to become the father Izuku never had. A bittersweet tale where Izuku learns to be a kid again and finds...

  • Little Guppy
    169K 8K 15

    Katsuki Bakugo is usually a crude, violent, arrogant, and aggressive person. But what Katsuki doesn't show to people is his soft side especially when he is around animals. Katsuki works at a local pet shop as one day when a new shipment comes in, Bakugo finds a small guppy in a tiny dirty tank. Feeling sorry for the c...

  • Hero of Resilience: Halo
    429K 15.3K 72

    Join us as we explore the story of what if Izuku Midoriya was expelled on the day of the quirk apprehension test that Eraserhead conducted on the first day of class? What if instead of All Might getting Nezu to override the decision, he decides to send Izuku Midoriya to another hero school by pulling a favor with the...

    Completed   Mature
  • I See Your Monsters
    71.2K 2.5K 12

    The heroes are dead. To survive, the former class 1-A must return to UA, which had been reconstructed as a villain academy, and have a boy their age named Izuku Midoriya as their homeroom teacher and principal. This day just got a lot more interesting.

  • I Fell in Love with a Nerd (BakuDeku Story)
    153K 4.4K 12

    "You asked me where I see myself in ten years. and I said, 'I don't know.' Because I don't. But then you asked me where my heart will be in ten years- even fifty. and I'll surely reply, 'With you.' " Disclaimer: Please excuse all of the typos and errors in this story! This was written on my phone and is now under h...

  • Traitor
    191K 10.3K 31

    Class 1-A decided to go see a movie one weekend. Once they got there, they picked out a horror movie. Midoriya has been terrified of horror movies his whole life. He thought he could fake it and make it through. He was wrong. Half way through, Kirishima notices how scared the smaller boy is. He decides to take matter...

  • White hare
    3.9K 174 11

    IZUKU'S parents kick him out at the age of nine and now they are in America. White will the rabbit do?

  • Shattered
    20K 424 8

    Deku got kicked out by him mom when he was only nine. He has quirks and he uses them to save other people. But one day he had enough.

  • Sweaty Hands ((KatsuDeku))
    52.2K 1.7K 5

    A small KatsuDeku story about sweaty hands. I saw that fanart (the cover) and read about Katsuki's quirk and bang(!) this story was born! I was so happy I wanted to kiss my brain XD I hope you like it! -Armin- Characters belong to: Kōhei Horikoshi (in "Weekly Shonen Jump") Story: Mine Cover: rainbow_right (twitte...

  • Change Of Heart (bnha)
    48.2K 2K 18

    "The illusion of innocence. The idea or belief that actions can make your life worth more or less. That your actions make you 'good' or 'bad'. But in the end, that is dead wrong. There are no 'hero's' or 'villains', there's just people. Scurrying around like rats, trying to force some form of meaning into their worth...

  • ●~Not All There Anymore~● |BEING REWRITTEN|
    11.2K 409 16

    Izuku Midoriya is a good kid. A great kid, in fact. He's saved two little kids from big time villains, defeated Hero Killer Stain, and survived two villain attacks in only his first year at UA, the top hero school in the country. You wouldn't expect him to have three part-time jobs, an impossibly sick mother, and to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lifeline
    16.8K 1.1K 1

    Midoriya Izuku has always had a sharp mind. He aims to transfer to the U.A. Heroics course from the Support Course. He knows he's smart enough to get in, and he's always been gifted with making things. He just never thought his items would be of use to him before U.A. Tsukauchi Naomasa never expected a phone call fro...

  • COLLIDE. // Bakudeku
    86.6K 4.9K 31

    Tears and heartbreak. Poetry and music. Parties and puke. Cigarettes and sex. Acceptance and hatred. Cliques and outcasts. Well. Isn't college interesting? _____ Warning: contains mature/triggering themes such as but not limited to: mental illnesses, homophobia/homophobic slurs, drug and alcohol use and abuse, gore, s...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Name is Denki! (Trans!Kaminari) (IzuKami)
    698 47 1

    Denki's mother shows up to U.A to get her "daughter". What she did not expect was to get her ass handed to her by his protective boyfriend and the great Dadzawa.

  • 「Help Me」
    21K 812 19

    "I can help you." "Its all your fault!" "Why would you do something like this Midoriya?!" "She never wanted a worthless person like me as her child." "She told me everything Midoriya. Now, get out!" "I promise to always love you." "I'm sorry, Midoriya. I don't believe you." "Everything, will be alright...I promise..."...

  • Horns and Halos
    96K 6K 21

    •Rankings• #124 in demon #146 in angel TodoDeku Demon/Angel au This is a world where demons and angels exist. Not only do they exist, but they also tend to have children with humans, result in Halves, beings who are half human and half demon or angel. Halves usually are raised by their human parent and then sent to a...

  • Hidden Names
    186K 11.3K 20

    ~Soulmate AU~ When teens turn seventeen, they get a name on their wrist, in rare cases two. This is the name of their soulmate, the person they're destined to spend the rest of their lives with. Izuku Midoriya had spent most of his life believing that he would be on of the unlucky few who don't receive a name. Imagin...

  • That Day // Villain Deku
    696K 17.4K 68

    That day, they didn't know what they had lost. Izuku Yagi was born quirkless. His sister, Izumi Yagi, on the other hand, had an extremely powerful quirk that could match One For All―her father's quirk. While his parents praised Izumi, Izuku was mindlessly neglected and shoved aside like he was nonexistent. After s...

  • Caught In The Crossfire
    11.7K 531 13

    Izuku has lived with the 'league of heroes' since he was five years old, when his mother was murdered. One day they tell him to stay in his room, because they will be keeping a 'villain' in the bar. But what happens when the true hero's come to rescue Bakugo, and find Izuku caught in the crossfire of battle. Izuku now...

  • No Man's Land [Completed]
    235K 5.3K 37

    Midoriya doesn't want to spend a Saturday night alone in his home... He wants to do something. In the night lights he spots a neon sign "No Man's land" and something tells him this bar is where he should be. TODODEKU fanfiction, my first one too. It has smut and public sex. I may write another chapter if you guys wan...

  • Drunk Love ||BakuDeku||
    18.4K 1K 26

    Izuku has a bit of a past that eats away at him. As a result he found a way to cope. Drinking. However maybe that wasn't the best coping mechanism. Now, Izuku's faced with a new set of problems as a result of sleeping with his new boss. Warning: -Sexual Content -Abusive Relationships Please do not read if you are tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rare Hybrid [Completed]
    102K 2.9K 15

    In a city where hybrids use to be common, there are only a few known to exist. One of these hybrids is found and now has to live with the human who found him. Started: 23/10/18 Finished: 22/6/20

  • U.A. For the Supernatural [Completed]
    119K 4.2K 26

    U.A. is a school for any and every supernatural of the age 15 to 18. Everyone here is a supernatural except Midoriya Izuku. Started: 24/9/18 Finished: 18/8/20

    Completed   Mature