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    Kara had never really been that interested in sex. She didn't dislike it or anything, just never really understood what all the fuss was about. Eliza had fondly called her "a late bloomer" which Kara had accepted as the truth, not wanting to face the ideas of what it could be otherwise. She kissed boys, and even one g...

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  • Conway's Anatomy
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    The Conway family. To the public eye they were the most successful family on planet Earth. The least amount of death rates, a squeaky-clean criminal record, and they were all talented at something. You may not believe this, but it was all true, not a single hidden nothing, the family was hard to hate. The patriarc...

  • Supergirl (Jasper Hale)
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    Kara is a normal girl well that is what everyone else thinks but she is actually from a different planet. No one knows but her adoptive sister Alex. Kara and Alex are going into high school. Kara and her sister Alex are going to a place called Washington Forks because they have always wanted to move out. And so they d...

  • Little Shepherd
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    Mariah Shepherd is a child prodigy, the envy of many people. Her brother Derek, has always had the spotlight, but all that changed when by age 18 she finished medical school, and by age 21 she finished her fellowship. Mariah specializes in all fields of surgery, she has won 4 Harper Avery's by the age of 22. Mariah ha...

  • Not the same (Slow Updates)
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    Derek and Amelia Shepard have a secret sister her name is Layla Shepard. She is a child prodigy who finished her intern year and transferred to Seattle Grace Mercy West at 17. Two problems. One: She doesn't know her siblings work there. Two: She never wants to see them again... In this book the accident happens but D...

  • Legacies and Scalpels
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    After episode 2 x 27, Meredith was pregnant... with a baby girl... In the season 3 finale, Cecilia Leigh Grey-Shepherd was born after Burke's and Cristina's wedding was canceled. But now Cecilia is 18 years old and the youngest person to ever graduate highschool, pass college and med school. Now she's an intern at Gre...

  • replaced
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    Meredith has just lost Derek, and isn't looking for love. Andrew catches feeling for Meredith, and fights for them to be a thing. Through trauma and mistakes, and even pain will Andrew be able to overcome the challenges and win Meredith? this is such a random story, and drama just comes in at random times but yk i th...

  • I Don't Dance
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    Merhayes and the Magston wedding: Her eyes locked with his icy blue ones the whole time. "Put your hands here." She says placing his hands on her hips. "A-a-are you okay with this?" He questions "more than." She assures him. "Follow my lead." ⚠️all characters owned by shonda rhimes.⚠️

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  • Stolen Waves
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    Her enjoyment of foreplay was the perfect match for his giving heart. A sexy encounter in Cormac's office leads to a new level of exposure for Meredith Grey. One-shot.

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  • What if love is right next to me ?
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    Cormac Hayes, chief of pediatric surgery, has feelings for the gorgeous blonde. However, Meredith Grey, known to be stubborn, tries to keep this relationship strictly friendly. Will he succeed in making her succumb? Will she give in?

  • One Step Forward, Three Steps Back (Meredith Grey and Cormac Hayes)
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    Dr. Cormac Hayes is Chief of Pediatrics in Zurich while he receives a call from Dr. Richard Webber from GSMH. Dr. Webber informs Dr. Hayes he is retiring and is appointing him Chief of Surgery at GSMH. While Dr. Meredith Grey is the Chief of General at GSMH, but she is a little skeptical about this "Cormac Hayes", to...

  • Merhayes Unlocked
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    Going to joes bar with hayes!!! thought I'd try a POV merhayes endgame not to sure if there gonna be any spoilers of season 17 so don't read until you watch it. My first time writting:)

  • Memories Bring Back You
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    Our minds are powerful. One minute, we are picking roses, the next, we are picking life or death. Meredith is working when she sees a familiar face. What will happen? What will she do? Will she pick the roses? Or will she pick the major decision? Collab with @meredithgreyswife All rights go to Shonda Rhimes and ABC...

  • Better Without You
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    Story starts Season 3 right after Meredith's drowning. Not a MerDer story, I'm usually a MerDer fan but I'm hating Derek at the moment. So Derek fans you may want to leave lol. If you hate Meredith than leave because I am literally in love with her at the moment. No hate if you have different opinions but this is my o...

  • Merluca
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    i dont speak italian im just using google translate. im making my own story of there love life.

  • mer and Deluca pregnancy
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    what happens when Meredith gets pregnant the 4th time this time its her ex boyfriend Deluca's

  • Merluca
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    Merluca love story

  • Family member | Merluca
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    [Post 15x22 AU] A few weeks after Meredith told her kids about Andrew... Andrew is slowly but surely getting more involved in the family... OLD STORY FROM MY FANFICTION.NET ACCOUNT I don't own any of the characters!

  • My heart beats for you ?
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    What if Ellis didn't get altziemers and was alive to disapprove of everything Meredith did once again? Would she be chief of surgery? Would Meredith and Derek still be together? (I credit Shonda Rhimes for everything in this script she is the maker of the Grey's Anatomy franchise, thank you for the magic Shonda ;)

  • Move Over, Derek!
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    Addison Montgomery walks in on Meredith Grey cheating with her husband Derek Shepherd. She stays to help him finish the job (that he was doing inefficiently). Sex & Smut with Plot-Ish. Addek & MerDer to MerAdd & Mardek. Meddison. F/F. M/M. F.M. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. How Derek Found Out. Crack. Fluff. Humor...

  • Greys anatomy fanfic 🤠
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    Warning ⚠️ this is smutty

  • The One That Got Away
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    Alex Danvers's life was getting back to normal, at least her normal. They cured Sam and Reign disappeard forever. She was fully over Maggie, she was even thinking about adoption. Unfortunately she ended up in an accident. She didn't wake up at National City's hospital, but in the Grey-Sloan Memorial. [ COMPLETE ]

  • Fifteen|Grey's Anatomy
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    [In an early draft for Grey's Anatomy, Derek was supposed to have a teenage daughter that came to Seattle with him. This is my take on what would've happened if they kept the character in] ---- Elizabeth "Beth" Shepherd had lived in a bubble most of her life. That bubble was popped when her parents, Derek and Addison...

  • They Saved Me (Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction)
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    I was an ordinary fifteen year old until my parents passed away and I was adopted by none other than the most berating, abusive people I could ever have imagined. When my adoptive 'mum' broke my wrist and I went to the ER, I decided I would break my vow of silence: this couldn't be allowed to happen any more. I was in...

  • Lesbianic
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    So this is a Meredith and Arizona fan fiction whatever. There will be a bit smut but not to out of hand. I

  • Somewhat of a Crisis (Grey's Anatomy)
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    Strange female pairings that oddly work.

  • Something changed | Merluca
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    [Season 14 AU] Based on the scene of Mer looking at Andrew sleeping on her couch... What if things went different from there? OLD STORY FROM MY FANFICTION.NET ACCOUNT I don't own any of the characters!

  • Fever
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    Meredith Grey has a fever, Addison Montgomery helps. F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Guess Who's Crushing on Addison Montgomery?. Femslash. Rated T.

  • Ten Times That Addison and Meredith Got Groceries Together
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    (And also the times where they actually didn't...). F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Rated M.

  • Meddison One-Shots
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    One-shots for Meddison (Addison x Meredith). Requests are open!