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  • Danganronpa Stories!
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    not canon btw, as said on my alt

  • Luck Love | KomaHina
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    A story of love, between two boys. Boys who've been friends ever since they were kids. A story of love between Hajime Hinata and Nagito Komaeda. story status: im sorry, currently on haitus. im still trying my best to update tho! A/N: This is a non-despair, high school AU. THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA 2. IT I...

  • cryptid chaos
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    welcome, this is essentially just a book to jot down whatever I feel like at this point in my life. my name is moosh, i am a immature feral beast :D. But lets cut the sappy stuff and read this book novel!

  • Ouma the First
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    Ouma and Himiko get high and force everyone to play Sofia the First with them. This is a reposted fanfiction from Renge's (@childofathena13) personal account. Her account will be tagged at the end of the first chapter and is tagged in our account's description.

  • Groupchat || KomaHina
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    In which Nagito realizes he has a crush on Hajime because of something someone says in a groupchat he creates. Only some parts of the story will be in text format, it will mostly be like a regular story. The original plot & killing outcomes may be altered. This story also includes a lot of different ships. - #1 danga...

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  • Aesthetic anime profile pictures
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    I don't post edits on this often but if you want to see them then that's fine! I will be taking request's for edits!!

  • Numbers (KomaHina)
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    Hajime Hinata was born with a special ability, he's able to see how dangerous a person is, on a scale of 1-10. He normally sees a 3-4 on a regular basis... but this new kid... his number is... so high? *non dispair AU* *Komehina* *probably other ships* *boyxboy*

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  • Waiting for you to Awake
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    After Kyoko, Byakuya, and Makoto leave for the future Foundation headquarters the Five survivors are left alone on Jabberwock Island. They care for the island, but they also await for those who are left asleep. Hajime, who now one with Izuru tries his best to keep the mood up, but visits a certain someone who is asle...

  • 100 Days-Komahina
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    "You have 100 days to get Komaeda Nagito to fall in love with you. Otherwise, you die." Hajime was not one to disobey the Queen Of Hell's orders.