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  • Burger And Fries
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    "Why do you let them do this?" "Like I said before, I don't really have a choice" I shrug. "Like I said before, you always have a choice." She winks. ___________________ Mia Gonzalez is a confident, slightly overweight teenager who dreams of becoming a model someday. But, the only thing on her mind right now is to sur...

  • All I See are White Clouds
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    Alessandra Smith is a piano fanatic with a hectic life, with a crazy family that somehow fits together. She's moving on to junior year with a positive attitude and average expectations. What she wasn't prepared for was the depth of secrets hidden within those closest to her, or to fall in love with someone who shuts d...

  • SENDING LIGHT(ongoing )
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    Teen fiction , Romance , supernatural ,Drama and ongoing ... Suppose you were in coma for 5 years and suddenly got an opportunity to live life like a human but not as human with three conditions to stay on earth as well as .... 1. You don't have any clue of past evidences 2. You only have 7 days . 3. Within those 7 d...

  • A Little Laughter!
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    Peep in to know! 😉 ~ ~ ~ Amazing cover by awesome @Yashhal.

  • All Arranged
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    Adelpha Carrington Algorazo is the innocent daughter of a billionaire Greek business tycoon. She doesn't like the idea of having all the money that her father has made. She is treated like a princess when she is just a 22 year old woman who has wants to loose her stubborn baby fat, have tamable hair, and actually have...

  • Lies Of Being Perfect [loving the wrong #1]
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    winner of award of the month ***************** "You are perfect" " I hate you for being perfect " Zora's life isn't perfect . She likes it that way . Doesn't wanna change it . But then her mom gets remarried . And she hates it a lot . Cause everyone forgets about her . Because if her new step-brother . Perfect step b...

  • Disney Princesses - Reborn | COMPLETE | Ongoing
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    Familiar names but exceptional stories. If you like Disney this is the right place to be. If you do not like Disney it is still the right place to be. In this book, I bring to you excerpts of the actual stories (my version) of our childhood favourite Disney Princes and Princesses. Their stories in here will keep you w...

  • My Insecurities
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    Dodie Clark or Doddleoddle made a video ten months ago about her insecurities( ) I decided I would bring that trend along and turn it into a tag. #MyInsecurities I hope you enjoy!

  • The Woman Who Ruined His Life
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    Ashley's reckless attitude has never been something she worried about. Until it led to a disastrous car accident that caused her brother's death and Sean's, his best friend, leg amputation. Now, three years later, still wrecked with grief and lost memories, Ashley has managed to settle down. She is determined to chase...

  • Text buddies ✔
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    HIGHEST RANKINGS: #2 in ilovemyflaws #1 in stopchildabuse Sarah's life has never been normal. With her being abused at home by her step brother, Reece Simon and being bullied at school by none other than her ex-bestfriend, Henry. Not to forget that he's her neighbour. She thought-no, knew that it's her fault that she...

  • Story of mine
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    [[Featured by @WP_Poetry.]] Don't know what I write and how I write, but still I describe my feelings in words that I write. ~Standing in front of a mirror, looking deep into my own eyes, I see first time myself, standing vulnerable.~ Most Impressive Ranking: #68 in poem (29/5/2018) #10 in poem (3/6/2018) #22 in quot...

  • Details Within Them
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    "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Living in the world you so called your comfort is the worst for Madeline. Thinking about her flaws makes her wish that she shouldn't be living in this world when all she receive from other people instead of compliments but judgement. Then another problem comes upon her when she...

  • Hate To Love You
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    (Love Series#1) I fell on my knees on the floor and threw my phone on the wall after hearing him. I was too late to know what had I done. I laughed then suddenly started crying. I threw everything in the room on floor. She left me to die over the guilt of destroying everything. ---- A journey of a 17 years old girls w...

  • Not Your Average love story [Completed]
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    Love isn't everything. It took me twenty years of my life to learn this truth. Sad enough. Growing up, they made me believe that love was the most important aspect of life. We thought that life could only have meaning if it was filled with love but no, love isn't everything. I wish someone had told me earlier how wro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Randomness
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    ... So this is my first book! It doesn't really have a topic, hence the name! It could be a blog, then a relatable post, memes, questions, facts or other things like that! I'll post here and there! Hope you like it and don't find it too boring!! <3

  • Leftover Woman
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    After falling in love with a younger and much less successful man, can Yiwen convince herself and her parents to accept him into their wealthy family? ***** When Yiwen Wang suddenly finds herself 30 and single, she lets her well-meaning best friend...

  • The Playlist of Jade [completed]
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    High School sucks. That's my motto for the mean time. Yeah, I have this thing where for a short period of time I have a motto for my life. My name is Jade Mensa and I live with my dad. I have one friend, her name is Bullet. She's my best friend and a feline and I love her. I have to warn you that my life is extremel...