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  • Some Sort Of Shit
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    So I read this book called Autophile by @theunknown4321 and I asked her if I can use the idea and like the angel 👼 she is she said yes so, here I am creating this shitty book. Happy reading ☺️💖

  • harry potter And The Modified Cursed Child$$hinny$$
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    harry potter fanfiction ,but it's modified , A few things changed , Harry's third son is put into mysterious dark wizardry , and forced to be into it. Will he be cursed forever? Whats the curse? Who put it? No one knows the answer for all these... "I was never worth to be your son, or was I?"

  • The Two✌️ [Hoseok×Reader] Fanficion
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    Reel, Real, Reel, Real, Reel, Real Jung Hoseok and Park Y/N or should I say Lee Hyung-woo and Choi Min-soo,two completely different personalities, can't even tell the difference between THE TWO. What happens when the whole world turns Topsy-Turvy. What happens when they fall in love???? "You love HER don't you, not me...

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    Note: Please be nice to me! My English is not that good. And this was the first book which I have ever written. Jung Y/N is a 24 year old woman who is working under her father whose company is one of the top companies of South Korea. She loves her dad more than anyone else. She is a very hard working and kind woman. ...

    Completed   Mature