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  • Althea Sisters Specials
    335 56 3

    Compilation of the Althea sisters trip and adventures in their childhood lives or everyday lives before the head separate ways. Jilliana Althea, Janella Althea and Louisse Althea :)

  • Highly Unlikely
    1K 56 2

    Short but lasting. Imperfect day but perfect memories. Simple meeting but Highly Unlikely to be true.

  • Cruel Fairytale
    1.1K 207 9

    I love ready fantasy books, and living a fantasy dream. I love acting like a princess and having being served. I love the attention I get, it feels like I am living a life of a Royal. I love fairytales with happy ending. I love to dream. I used to love them, until mom ground me and instead of making me princess, she m...

  • Lost In Seoul
    20.1K 1.9K 46

    "Seoul gave me a lot to hold on to. From creating good memories to bad heartbreak. From life lessons to applying it. Seoul taught me that love is unconditional, and comes when you least expected it." One Gift. One Vacation. One Temptation. One Sin. Nung grumaduate ako, I always dreamed of traveling to Seoul by myself...