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  • yandere cross x dream
    1.6K 136 20

    its been years since the stars sanses and the bad guys made a truce. They are all falling in love and living their happy lives, but one of them has a crush and will do anything to make them their's even kill close friends. all characters go to their respective creators

  • Dream x Cross
    62 4 2

    hello my fello views, hope you remember my other account sans_dreemurr well I'm re-making the story called dream x cross! I will put a OC from a comment asking if a OC called lunda the opposite of lust sans

  • The King's Deputy (Cream&Killermare)
    2.4K 141 7

    Nightmare, the King of Solis Kingdom, went on a journey to find the Enchanted Forest. As the legends say, the gate only appears when the Ruler strives alone and finds it out himself. He finds himself stuck with a person who he accused a thief for following him and attempting to steal his things. Leaving the land had l...

  • Soft Side (Cross × Dream)
    8.3K 352 15

    Dream had a big head injury during a fight with his brother. He woke up in Nightmare's castle and doesn't seem to remember anything about them. Now the gang is trying to figure out what they can do with him. Warning: Cream ship (but you probably know that already) (Cover art belongs to me) (Characters belong to their...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fading Happiness
    5.8K 331 17

    Dream got into deep depression, to the point where he couldn't care about anything anymore.

    Completed   Mature
  • Errormare, Cream, Dustberry
    9.8K 255 14

    Nightmare dating Error. Dream is dating Cross. Dust is dating Blue. It all one story

  • Is this love real? (Cross x Dream)
    1.1K 17 3

    Made this book cause I was bored

  • ||Her bodyguard|| A CrEam story [The Legends Of Starlight] Book One (On Hold)
    1.7K 113 15

    ...A story of a princess, and her bodyguard... He never agreed to be her bodyguard, and she never agreed to be the queen. Cross, the knight was sent on a mission to safely deliver the future queen safely to her kingdom, to her new prince...but Dream had another prince in mind....someone brave, fearless and one that tr...

  • (cross x dream) highschool fanfic
    1.1K 26 18

    its about cross x dream ink x error blue x fell dust x lust outer x killer and other ships

  • Chased Into Love Cross x Dream
    1.8K 57 8

    In a battle against the Star Sanses Cross was ordered to chase down Dream but something happened in the chase. Yes there will be additional ships (Errorink, Dustberry, Nightkiller, Ect.) But I will mainly focus on Cream.

  • My treasure : Cross x Dream
    4.6K 200 16

    The title says it all ! Here is the part with the fluffiest ship I know ! And here is how they got together in My treasure

  • How love crossed the line?(cross x dream)
    2.3K 95 14

    It's a beautiful day outside Birds are singing Flowers are blooming On days like these Girls like Dream Boys like Cross Should confess their LOVE~♡ (ps:art is not mine)

  • My lovely dream forever. :Yandere Cross X Dream:
    7K 203 9

    This is my first yandere

  • Crossing dreams (cross x dream)
    46.5K 1.4K 38

    Meeting dream was one thing. They became friends afterwards. Feelings form between them. But will they ever live in peace?

  • cross x dream
    5.1K 86 5

    in this story dream is female and cross is male cross and dream go new high school but then she met cross what would happen

  • Cross x Dream
    5.7K 170 19

    This is my first attempt to make a Cross x Dream ship book so it probably won't be that good

  • Cross x Dream | Closer to the enemy
    3.2K 93 5

    ! [WARNING: THE SLOWEST UPDATE YOU'LL EVER HAVE] ! ! [ AUTHOR IS IN LONG HIATUS ] ! It's time for "Cream" uwu This story is kinda connected to Treat you better but It's kinda not also, There's star sanses here and that book, There's no star sanses who showed up. Same characters as usual, same as the Nightkiller book I...

  • High School Cream Story (IN HIATUS)
    8K 495 39

    We then heard the school bus I came in and took a seat at the back where she was alone while nightmare took a seat beside his friends Then another guy came in and took a seat beside me, I took a seat at the back beside a new girl She was Quiet and reading a book I just put my ear phones and listen while seeing nigh...