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  • Being the Villain is Way More Fun (KiriDeku Villain Au)
    264K 11.1K 23

    Kirishima always wanted to be a hero, ever since he was little, but some times being the villain is just way more fun. Izuku has a huge crush on his class mate, Kirishima, but when the red head goes missing, only to turn up two months later with villains, he isn't sure what to do or feel. In the end he decides to be s...

  • Pure White
    175K 8.7K 15

    •Rankings• #1 in kiribakudeku #4 in villaindeku #51 in bakudeku #2 in kirideku ~AU where everyone is born with pure white blood and the more or worse crimes they commit, the darker their blood becomes~ Izuku Midoriya has been a villain since the age of seven. Well technically he's just been living with them. He ha...

  • Bad Timing
    434K 15.3K 39

    ❤️Omegaverse❤️ 💕KiriBakuDeku💕 Class 1-A had just graduated! They were finally going to start their careers as pro heroes. For Izuku Midoriya, an omega masquerading as a beta, it was the happiest time of his life. Until he gets called into a mission with some old classmates and they run into a familiar face. Izuku's...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Kirideku) Tame Me
    73.3K 1.6K 27

    (No quirks) So this is basically the omega verse. You find your soul mate by smelling them, like, they will have the best scent ever. One day, Izuku is walking home when he smells the most delicious scent that he'll ever experience. He knows immediately that is belongs to his mate. The only problem? His mate is a ve...

  • Bakukirideku
    50.1K 923 28

    Deku is a bada**, and an inch taller then Bakugo. Kiriashima is the cinnamon roll of 1-A Not my art nor do I own mha

  • Innocence in the Mafia World (KiriBakuDeku)
    486K 12.5K 28

    Izuku Midoriya was a boy who lived home alone with his abusive father after his mother died. His father had abused him so much that the only break he got was when he went to work to feed his fathers addiction. He left and went to work at a local coffee shop down town. What happens when the top two mafia bosses rob a b...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Entered My Life {KiriDeku}
    15.7K 376 8

    A kirideku /NO QUIRK AU(its #Omegaverse No Quirk, in this UA is a wolf school) . . Bakugo and Midoriya been dating since the 1st year of junior school(middle) while they was dating bakugo been cheating on izuku,abusing him mentally,physically and emotionally & Verbally...... and the first day of high school in class 1...

  • Kirideku - Practice Makes Perfect
    16.5K 755 9

    Kirishima and Midoriya both become heartbroken after their crushes reject them. Due to both boys being rays of sunshine they decide to help each other through their heartbreak. But perhaps maybe something more than friendship will blossom between the two of them.

  • deaf and mute... Kirideku story
    10.2K 275 6

    Deku became deaf a long time ago from one of bakugous attacks in bullying him, he cupped his ears and did explosions into them damaging pretty much everything. Bakugou is still apologizing to him to this day being a much better student and hasn't been an asshole, well he still is but just not to deku... kirishima was...

  • Heartbroken
    31.7K 894 19

    Izuku and Kirishima have been dumped by their lovers (Todoroki and Bakugo) they've been through so much grief they decide to become closer as friends and get closer than they wanted to, they both realize that they were meant to be and a new relationship open...but their is jealousy from Todoroki and Bakugo...

  • ⭐️ KiriDeku | ONESHOTS ⭐️ [On Hold]
    15.4K 261 10

    Don't you just love two cinnamon rolls loving each other? Well if you do! Check this book out!~ ⚠️[Warning! Slow Updates!]⚠️ ✖️Things will be in this book✖️ • Angst? [✔️] • Fluff? [✔️] • Smut? [✔️] • Mpreg? [✔️] • Different AU's? [✔️] • Requests are available? [✔️] Request are open!~ go ahead and suggest me something'...

  • Kirideku || to live without you. I'd rather not live at all
    38.7K 821 29

    !TW TALK OF S*LF HARM AND SU*C*DE ! !MATURE THEMES! depression can hit people like a truck. Make them take a swan dive of the roof as per say. Izukus child hood bully suddenly wants him after years of tormenting him ? But what about his crush on the red head ? In the process of being rewritten ! Was once the story ki...

  • Psycho Lovers [KIRIDEKU]
    7.6K 284 5

    This is a story about two familiar individuals from your favourite hero class - but not as you know them. Years before meeting All Might, Izuku crumbled and fell to physical and mental abuse dished out by his childhood friend Katsuki 'Kacchan' Bakugou. He threw a knife at another student in his last year of elementar...

  • Kirideku || "Happy Boyfriends" || Part7
    47.4K 967 7

    This is a fan fiction for a ship named Kirideku from BNHA (Boku no hero Academia). My first story on wattpad. -------- Kirishima Eijirou Profile: He is a cheerful young man that likes to talk a lot and hang out with his friends, his best friend is Katsuki Bakugou. One day he met Midoriya a young man that is shorter t...

  • 𝓙𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓼𝔂 [KiriDeku] (ON HOLD)
    79.3K 2.1K 16

    All they wanted to do was make their crushes jealous. But sometimes, not all things go as originally planned...

  • My Best Friend A Kirideku Story
    10.1K 277 15

    [DISCONTINUED] (i don't know how to make it say it) ___________________________________________ When Izuku and Kirishima where young, Kiri protected Izuku from Bakugou. Then Kiri had to leave to a new house and left Izuku all alone. But one day, Izuku wouldn't be so alone anymore. (picture made by best friend) Started...

  • Fixing myself (a KiriDeku fanfic)
    14.4K 491 15

    !COMPLETED! My first fanfiction! It's gonna be a KiriDeku! There might be some swearing here and there and some concepts that are a little less appropriate for younger people (ex. Self-harm), but there will not be any smut. Sorry if that's what you want. Here's the plot! Kirishima has been under a lot of stress for t...

  • Kirideku Short Stories
    186K 5.6K 61

    A bunch of short stories of the Kirideku variety. Each has its own summary at the beginning of the first chapter. Please enjoy.

  • Until you can love again|| kirideku||
    20.8K 465 8

    One day Kirishima sees Bakugo kissing.... someone else, but bakugo is dating deku. the hell. Kirishima sees Midoriya he needs to 1 tell him about bakugo and 2 tell him his feelings. ||Ships|| kirideku iidatodo shinso x denki momojiro ochocko x Asui

  • I can help you [ KIRIDEKU ][ Gave Up]
    19.2K 340 17

    Beware : Bad grammar Bad spelling There will be sum smut and fluf Description : __________________________________ Deku and bakugou has been together for over 5 months the bakusquad now that there together but what will happen if bakugou cheated on deku and kirishima became deku best friend will they get back to ge...