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  • z nation:10k & Cassandra love story
    5.8K 124 11

    10k and Cassandra aren't like all of the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse- they both have terrible past with differently consequences. When they meet, it's a post-apocalyptic love at first sight, well for 10k. Will cassandra fall for this mysterious man or will their pasts come out and stop everything?

  • lethal weapon
    198 10 2

    the gang reunites with Murphy only to find him with a zombified Cassandra how can the group deal with her aggressive behavior and how can 10k deal with her feelings for Murphy and being his slave will their be hope for the two of them or is she too far gone to be saved a new threat comes their way two highly trained a...

  • z nation: 10k and Cassandra one shots
    6.3K 111 16

    this story just has bunch of 10k and Cassandra one shots and if you liked a specific episode leave a comment and I'll rewrite it.

  • z nation: 10k & Cassandra love will last forever
    8.8K 182 21

    Cassandra is know as the most popular girl in school and the baddest. while tommy (10k) is a perfect straight A student who is also extremely cute,but he's not popular. at first these two lovers start on a bumpy road then get closer together as friends then the stupid apocalypse separate them. now it's 10k's mission t...

  • 3,255
    479 17 2

    10k tries to deal with the loss of Cassandra. When he is on the verge of giving up, something happens that blows his mind.

  • 10k and Cassandra
    6.3K 189 14

    What would the lives of our favorite couple, Cassandra and 10k look like if the nukes were never deployed? Will there be romance? Hate? Hope for future even? Find out when you read! This book will be from 10k's point of view unless stated in the chapter! I do not own Z nation or any of the characters! I OWN ALL CHARAC...