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    A group of friends decide to live their lives by moving across the country to join their dream university. They planned to have the best time ever. Party all night, attending lectures, making new friends, make life long memories together. The list is endless! Everything changes when they start receiving mysterious l...

  • The Sergeant's Daughter
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    Jordan Voight a former Marine comes home for the first time in 7 years. Highest Ranking Awards So Far #3 in #nbc (9/27/2020-9/28/2020) #1 in #nbc (9/29/2020) #2 in #district21 #9 in #kevinatwater #1 in #seanroman

  • Egrariand Chronicles: The Curse of the Black Stone
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    A journey of self-discovery... An orphaned boy lives in misery, he tries to deal with his pain and️ discovers an enchanting world that embroils him in a cosmic conflict. --O-- Eleven-year-old Lucas has released a powerful being when he accidentally breaks the mirror cage, contain...

  • Dirty Women
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    Diane. In an attempt to make money during crazy hard times, her newfound stripper job leaves her addicted to money and attention. Meera. An alcoholic mother who finds a secret lover and is oscillating between the right and the wrong. Stella. A successful fashion designer who involves with people who might get her in...

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