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  • The One With The Patronus
    142K 5.6K 18

    Voldemort's been defeated. Death eaters like Lucius are in Azkaban, and Harry, Ron, Hermione and others have been invited back to Hogwarts to catch up on their lessons. Harry find Draco alone in the Forbidden Forest, trying to master a spell that he insists will bring him happiness. Harry decides to help him, and as t...

  • My One True Love (Drarry)
    124K 4.5K 15

    What happens when Draco and Harry have to share a dorm? Will they carry on fighting or will they put their past behind them and take on friendship? Drarry OOC AU. All characters, places, spells etc. belong to JK Rowling. Cover designed by @Dreamescape12

  • Why? (Drarry)
    544K 20.1K 15

    When Draco confronts Harry about a prank that was played on the Slytherin, the boys realize that it might be time to unleash their pent up feelings. (Drarry) DISCLAIMER: The characters and the wizarding world in this story belong to J.K. Rowling. The plot and picture are my own.

  • Amortentia {A Drarry Fic}
    880K 30.2K 18

    "Why does the room reek of Malfoy's cologne?" "This is Amortentia, Harry. It's a love potion. It smells different to everyone depending on what what attracts them." ~ Based on a tumblr imagine ~ < not entirely appropriate. its not dirty, but people tend to go into this unprepared. y i k e s. > ={COMPLETE}=

  • Heartbreak Warfare
    3.9M 143K 64

    "You know what I think?" Harry leaned across the table. "I think you're afraid. You don't take risks like us Gryffindors." He scoffed. "Please, you Gryffindors are all wand-waving and no spell." Harry grinned, settling back into his seat. "Not me. I always follow through." "Prove it." Harry stood up and walked around...

  • Because You're Worth It (Drarry)
    189K 7.1K 9

    After the war, Draco was being ignored by everyone. That is until he finds Harry under the tree by the Black Lake... Just a cute short story I wrote while on a break from one of my longer stories! Enjoy!

  • When a Mirror Shatters(Drarry Fanfiction)
    482K 16.3K 8

    One gloomy night after quidditch, Harry Potter walked into an old bathroom to find Draco Malfoy crying in front of a mirror. Harry doesn't know what to feel, they've been enemies for forever. He needs to help, but he can't let his real feelings show. What does he decide? He decides to take the Gryffindor way out.

  • Let's Help Each Other
    3.3M 101K 29

    When two rivals are forced to speak, so as to not die of boredom, a mutual friendship is born. But when Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter both reveal secrets that not even their friends know, they strive to help each other in any way possible. It starts off on the train ride home after 6th year (This is a story my friend...

  • The Potions Tutor (final chapters)
    24.2K 1.2K 11

    these are the rest of the chapters that were never released on Wattpad for The Potions Teacher by @drarry-shipper-13 the original author hasn't been active on this app in like 7 years. so i figured i'd do everyone a favor and just repost the chapters they wrote on a different platform so it's not all confusing ❤️❤️ ...

  • The Potions Tutor
    1.4M 50.4K 13

    As if Harry's year wasn't bad enough already. Now he has to have a Potions tutor too? Why can't the universe be on his side for once? Oh yeah... he's Harry Potter. Set during 6th year. Warning(s): mild language and (Eventual) Draco/Harry and everything that Drarry entails! Not your ship? Get off and swim.